What is a laser engraving machine?

The structure and application of the laser engraving machine:
It consists o f laser and its output optical path of the gas nozzle, gas nozzle for Windows, on the other side and at the end of the laser, light coaxial nozzle, connected with the side of the gas nozzle, especially air tube connected to air or oxygen source, the pressure of air or oxygen source is 0.1 ~ 0.3 MPa, said nozzle) wall of cylindrical, its diameter is 1.2 ~ 3 mm, length is 1 ~ 8 mm; Oxygen source of oxygen makes up about 60% of its total volume, as described in the light path set between the laser and gas nozzle has a mirror, it can improve the efficiency of the sculpture, make was carved in the surface of the smooth, rounded, quickly lower the temperature of the carved of non-metallic materials, reduce the deformation and internal stress carved; Can be widely used in the field of all kinds of non-metal materials with fine carving.
Laser engraving machine working principle:
Lattice lattice carved sculpture resembles a high-resolution lattice printing.
Vector cutting and lattice carved, vector cutting is the outer contour line in the graphic.
Movement refers to the laser engraving speed: speed speed, usually with IPS (inches per second), high speed with high production efficiency.
Strength: engraving strength refers to come in on the strength of the material surface laser.
Light spot size: laser beam spot size can use different focal length of lens.
Carving materials: wood, organic glass, metal, glass, stone, crystal, corian, paper, double color boards, alumina, leather, resin, plastic metal.

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