What fabric laser cutting machine direction is

What fabric laser cutting machine direction is

Apparel fabrics and accessories for material cutting equipment, vacuum adsorption and cellular tracked delivery platform, retractable convenient material, including colored plush fabric cutting fabric, non-woven, cotton, chemical fiber and other materials. Suitable for garment processing, textile, automobile interiors, plush toys, non-woven fabrics. Photography can be copied version of the machine with clothes, fast plate proofing.

Machining direction
Laser processing equipment used in the apparel industry’s main products are high-speed laser cutting machine, automatic laser cutting machine, laser cutting, each shift headed laser cutting machine, automatic laser cutting machine hundred and laser marking machines. Different processing format is different for each device. In addition to the above equipment laser marking machine, the fabric can be cut tailored pieces, clothing proofing, trademarks, appliqué cutting, drilling carved leather, denim stencil printing, embroidery and other technology jobs. Just automatic laser cutting machine is concerned, it is the movement of the platform, and together with the feeding device to achieve the purpose of automatic processing.

Mainly used in large format laser cutting processing; each shift in addition to adhering to the double-headed laser cutting machine laser cutting features, its two laser heads can play sports together can separate operations jobs; automatic trademark cutting machine for such as trademarks, embroidery patterns for automatic identification and modeling, automatic search, but also capable of similar characteristics with standard graphics graphics collection and automatic identification cutting.

Convenient operation and strong expansion of a version of the system: a version of the system with a combination of laser cutting, no output cardboard pattern, only a few key changes to the data can be modified to achieve interlocking template structure. Independent research and publishing software, cost efficiency. Mirroring, double while cutting symmetrical style.
Laser cutting machine cutting quality fabrics best under what circumstances?
Fabric laser cutting machine is mainly used for cutting sheet metal, especially steel and stainless steel 6mm 12mm below the following, the best cut quality. However, different thickness, different sheet metal material, the cutting efficiency is not the same as the thickness of the steel is less than 1mm, the cutting speed is much faster than 12mm, and the notch is also very smooth.
Generally, the higher the laser output power, cutting the same sheet thickness and material, the better; Similarly, laser cutting patterns and higher material being cut fit, the better the quality of the cut. No matter what kind of material is cut, if we can make the laser cutting machine cutting speed and fit of the material to achieve the best cutting results will also be able to reach the ideal state, too fast or too slow will affect the laser-cut effect.
Generally speaking, the more smooth the surface, the better the quality of the cut. Some laser cutting machine manufacturers through independent research, has developed a system of automatic sensor that can automatically adjust the height of the fiber laser cutting head, depending on the thickness of the material of the cutting machine.http://www.morngraver.com/

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