usual 5 ~ 6kW CO2 laser generator

Shipbuilding applications CO2 laser cutting machine.CO2 laser cutting machine is the most frequently used in shipbuilding production of laser processing technology, but worldwide, except Japan, laser cutting machine in the practical application of the shipyard is not ideal.

The main reason: plate material for large-scale use of the shipyard, the (usual 5 ~ 6kW CO2 laser generator) compared with plasma cutting speed is much slower, unable to meet the current situation under the shipbuilding “speed and efficiency priority” Claim. initial investment costs,  co2 laser engraving machine high operating and maintenance costs of equipment, less return on investment, which makes itself extremely low profit margins for a moment unbearable shipbuilding.

Although the shipbuilding industry in the application of laser-cut presence of the disorder, but in recent years this area for laser cutting source framework and related cutting equipment technologies and techniques have a number of new developments to make it closer than ever shipbuilding production the actual situation. A typical example when pushed metal laser cutting machine “carrying laser cutting machine”, and its main feature is the compact and superior performance CO2 laser generator directly loaded onto a mobile trolley transversal cutting machine.

Such a fixed optical path, not only shortens the beam propagation path, maintaining a constant laser beam characteristics, but also greatly broadened the range of travel of the machine work, and enhance the ability to  ship large-scale cutting sheet metal, and can achieve shipyard multi-position, co2 laser cutting machine cutting jobs require continuous work; another , this new equipment, small footprint, simple structure and maintain good performance, coupled with an open work area designed to make loading and parts of the plate, the download.

As a business buyer, know that buying a laser cutting machine is an annoying but forced to complete the “simple things.” However, the laser works to help many companies make specific procurement program, easy to complete the procurement task. So how do you purchase more convenient, we have what issues need to solve it?
Laser: What are the materials you need for processing?

According to the material to set the size of the laser power is essential, such as the two different fabrics and clothing acrylic, power usage certainly differ, 60W is no need to buy cheap price of 80W or 100W.

Told: How much of your working area?

There is such a situation, some customers do not understand the laser cutting machine clothing, format was purchased just work aligned format, it can barely complete the operation. Later however, new orders out before small-format machine has been unable to meet the conditions of work, Laser engraver for sale so once again forced to purchase more large-format (2 m) models of. So this issue is going to understand the whole.

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