Using a laser cutting machine from apple’s patent

With the development of the society, the development of science and technology with each passing day, along with the progress of society as a whole, promoting the rapid development of laser industry, at the same time, laser technology is not broken breakthrough, constantly improve the cutting quality and performance of the optical fiber laser cutting machine. In this big market reform environment gave birth to many laser cutting machine manufacturer, and the first step to form the market competitiveness.
In our downstream market, some high-tech enterprises are seeking market breakthrough, by improving the processing technology, reduce costs, shorten the construction period, improve the economic efficiency. Such as apple, in the patent, the use of optical fiber laser cutting machine technology, on the hard metal material cutting out precise exquisite design, and the tectonic activity, flexible, soft, high quality accessories. From apple that can reflect the performance and the practicability of the laser cutting equipment.
Downstream industry is not only our own seek higher breakthrough, our laser itself is constantly developing in the industrial chain, such as by high power fiber lasers breakthrough, the precision of the cutting process, has been through a lot of fiber laser cutting machine equipment proves to be widely used in aerospace, and other countries in heavy industry.
However, in the high-end market of our cutting equipment application is still very weak, especially in the low-end market ichthyosaurs in laser cutting machine manufacturer by lowering the price means for the development of market and ignore their technology, resulting in a vicious cycle, and make the technology produces the stranded, laser equipment manufacturers, we should do is to master the core technology, improve product performance, application range, to strengthen the high-end market share, promote the benign development of the laser industry.

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