Use of CNC engraving machine is not able to touch his hand

Use CNC engraving machine for processing need more attention.While machining CNC engraving machine is very convenient, and the accuracy of the workpiece is very high, but if people are not taken when using the device, then not only can not guarantee the quality of the workpiece, and even may cause accidents, for people need to pay more attention to this point. Then, using a CNC engraving machine for processing people need to pay attention to what? Here introduce you.

1. In the use of CNC engraving machine for processing, it should with a personal care. Use of CNC engraving machine is not able to touch his hand, and can not wipe the surface when the device activity, so it’s easy to cause dangerous accidents.

2. When using CNC engraving machine, the operator should maintain a certain distance between devices to prevent flying debris or other objects into the eyes, so is the cause of injury. If it is necessary to inspect the equipment, be sure to tell the machine shut down.

3. The use of CNC router machine to do the people should also be related to fire protection measures in the machine shop is equipped with fire fighting equipment and the need for fire extinguishers to prevent fires caused by injury.

4. CNC engraving machine beams are not able to prevent goods, hand or body but can not touch the machine.

CNC engraving machine how to care and maintenance when not in use

When companies want to increase their profits, they will purchase machinery and equipment. In the carving industry is also true. If you want to own companies has increased in profits, then add one or multiple CNC engraving machine is very common. So the extra CNC engraving machine is not in use and maintenance time and how to maintain it?

First, CNC engraving machine when not in use, and if you do not care and maintenance, then life will soon be cut short if the next time you use it, there will be all kinds of failures. Thus, maintenance is necessary.

Second, you want the machine to wipe clean equipment regularly. If the machine is not used so often the case, there will be a lot of dirt on top of it when it is necessary to be cleaned up. If you do not clean up, then, after a long time, the performance of the machine will drop.

Third, CNC engraving machine when not in use, but also for its lubrication. Because lubrication, it can prevent the machine from rust and prolong its service life.

Fourth, surrounded by CNC engraving machine can not have any highly corrosive chemical solvents, otherwise it will affect the performance of CNC engraving machines.

Fifth, when not in use, it should be stored in a cool, airy environment, this is also to ensure that the wood carving cnc router machine machine will not be washed and irradiated rain, sun.

Therefore, when CNC engraving machine is not used, the staff must be maintenance and upkeep.

Those factors CNC engraving machine price
CNC engraving machine is now very common, why used, it is because more people buy, many consumers at the time of purchase, the price of the product will find a big difference, but will ask why you can not give businesses answer, then here is what to tell you about the impact of the CNC engraving machine price?

1, determines the strength of the brand symbol of CNC engraving machine price, brand is the manufacturer’s, like we buy clothes, brand and not brand, shops are not the same, prices are not the same, so the brand it the price is that we wood CNC router machine are well understood, it can accept.

2, there is no Warranty Services also determines the price of CNC engraving machine, three packs of the product’s manufacturers are more responsible, so the quality can be assured of protection, with three bags, manufacturers buy out the time, the price is certainly is a little higher, although this many consumers still are very happy to buy, because only the guarantee, no three bags of product, when consumers are not reassuring.

The price is related to everyone’s benefit, no one wants to buy cheaper products, but these are impossible, so we only know the above description, we can accurately determine the CNC engraving machine CNC router machine price, we will not suffer.

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