Two kinds of wood cnc router machine preheating

Two kinds of wood cnc router machine preheating

A steel plate appearance pretreatment

Typically steel from steel plants through a series of intermediate links arrives cutting workshop, during this time, will inevitably produce steel exterior sank oxide. In those, the steel sheet in the rolling process can also produce a layer of oxide scale adhered to the outer plate.

These oxide high melting point, is not easy to go out and melt, increasing the warm-up time, reducing the cutting speed, while heated, oxide splash, easy on the router machine cutting nozzle formation infarction, reducing the use of cutting nozzle life so, before cutting router machine, it is necessary to stop the rust pretreatment plate appearance.

Second, the workpiece cutting pretreatment

Common approach is blasting rust-proof, anti-rust paint after, with a line of fine iron ore blasting machine sprayed steel exterior, iron ore for steel plate by removing the impact of scale, then sprayed fire retardant, good electrical conductivity rust .

wood cnc router machine stop working before the steel plate, steel demand to stop pre-treat the disposal process, in order to ensure the stability of the cutting quality, then the pre-disposition on the cutting router machine router machine details including steel stop prior to processing, steel demand to stop pre-disposition to look processing, in order to ensure the wood carving cnc router machine stability of the cutting quality, then the pre-disposition on the detailed router machine includes two important elements.

router machine used in wood industry

With the development of traditional industries, the traditional manual processing and production can not meet the current needs of today’s market. In order to adapt to social development, to meet market demand, the corresponding processing machinery also born.

The development of wood industry very quickly, furniture carpentry, wood mold, carpentry models are wood industry products. If only the traditional manual processing methods can not produce such a diverse and can meet CNC router machine the market demand for a number of wood products. The router machine applications in the wood industry will be a good solution to this major problem.

Application wood router machine, wood router machine we generally call. wood cnc router machine has a typical application in the wood industry such as home decoration: a large area flat plate engraving, wood, furniture sculpture, mural art of wood, solid wood doors, cabinet doors carving. Wood products industry: sewing table, countertop appliances, sporting goods equipment.

Musical instrument industry: three-dimensional surface can be carved musical instruments, shape cutting. The main characteristics of these applications are: Finished requirements fine, which requires equipment capacity and processing technology wood CNC router machine must have professional features, and can adapt to mass production, and therefore to obtain better economies of scale.

wood variety of products. Therefore, the choice of wood cnc router machine time to pay attention to choose their own production and processing models. Do not blindly learning with others. Select wood confidential meet products processing accuracy and processing area. So as to buy the most suitable for their own production and processing of router machine.

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