Two important applications of fiber laser cutting machine

1.fiber laser marking machine and hardware industry markers
With the development of science and technology and progress, appeared on the market a variety of marking scheme. Each tag has marked its own characteristics and is suitable for marking the range of fiber laser marking machine materials. The user selection, fiber laser marker only according to the specific application requirements, we can choose the most suitable marking scheme.

Fiber laser marking machine marking equipment emerging, gradually fiber laser marking system showing the performance quality is more and more outstanding. So the fiber laser marking machine is increasing year by year is used in various fields, especially in the hardware industry was particularly prominent in.

Fiber laser marking machine what are the advantages? Its outstanding characteristic is the electro-optic conversion efficiency is high, the volume is small, the output beam quality, high reliability, service life is long. In addition, fiber laser marking the fiber laser marking machine with a very wide range of applications, including mobile phone can be used in stainless steel sheet, clocks and watches, mold, IC, mobile phone and other industries, can be labeled metal materials and non-metallic materials, including a number of depth, smoothness, fineness demanding areas, marking effect lasting, exquisite clearly.

Fiber laser marking machine not only can meet the need of large amounts of data are printed in hardware, two-dimensional bar code can be labeled a higher resolution, more accurate. With the traditional stamping marking methods, no doubt, laser marking the market both at home and abroad has advantages of stronger and wider.

2.Electron laser marking machine is the future development trend of electronic industry
With the development of economy and laser technology, laser marking machine is used more and more widely. Now, laser marking machine is widely used in electronic products and related market. In fact, a broad range of electronic products, manufacturing standards easy system provides great development space for the laser market.

Laser marking machine, laser engraving machine, laser cutting machine development to today, has been almost Wurenbuxiao. Electron laser marking machine has become one of the necessary equipment for electronic processing enterprises. With the continuous aging China labor and labor costs continue to increase, the factors affected deeply the development of enterprises, so the automatic integration has become one of important tasks in the reform of enterprise production. As everyone knows the laser marking machine, one of the equipment adopted line fiber laser marker is the most powerful enterprises. At present, many small and medium enterprises or processing enterprises with operation mode of independent marking. Laser marking machine not only reduces the cost of labor, but also can improve our production efficiency, ensure the production process quality. So the electronic laser marking machine is the electronic industry at present and future development of a trend.

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