To solve the problem of laser engraving machine cleaning

Cleaning the bottom of the laser engraving machine has a protuberant phenomenon, Yin carving, show the bearing’s intersections have obvious uneven phenomenon;Yang carved, between a word and no words have swelled horizontal line, cleaning the deeper, the phenomenon of the more obvious.
The reason:
1, the processing speed is a little too fast, the laser tube response speed to keep up with processing speed.
2, laser engraving machine laser control switch frequency is too low, the laser line is too long, not a point light, produce the tail.
3, blowing air flow is wrong, cause processing powder adhesion, form a horizontal processes like now.
4, light path of partial or focal length is wrong, to produce scattering beam, cause the bottom.
5, focus lens selection is not reasonable, should try to choose short focal length lens, improve the quality of light beam.
1, first check that the light path, ensure the light path is correct, produce high quality beam.
2, to reduce the processing speed, increase the frequency of the laser output switch, make it match.
3, adjust good blowing gas to ensure that no powder adhesion, as far as possible the side will not adhesion.
4, choose short focal length lens, the depth of focal length adjustment should consider to be processed.


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