Three different from the CO2 laser cutting machine and metal fiber laser cutting machine for processing

Three different from the CO2 laser cutting machine and metal fiber laser cutting machine for processing.

co2 metal laser cutting machine is used to focus the Laser engraver for sale laser beam is focused on the mirror surface of the material to melt the material, while the laser beam is coaxial with the cutting gas being to blow away molten material and to the laser beam and the material along a given trajectory of relative motion, cutting so as to form a shaped seam.

Fiber laser cutting machine is the use of fiber laser generator is used as a laser light source cutting machine. Fiber laser cutting machine cutting plane can do both, but also can bevel cutting, and the edges neat, smooth, suitable for metal plates and other high-precision cutting, but coupled with the robotic arm can replace the original three-dimensional cut imports five axis laser.

Compared to ordinary carbon dioxide laser cutting machine more space-saving and gas consumption, photoelectric conversion rate, energy-saving environmental protection, new products, but also one of the world’s leading technology products.

Here are three main elaborate the difference between CO2 and fiber laser cutting machine metal laser cutting machine for processing:

First, as mainstream conventional laser cutting, welding equipment are used CO2 laser cutting of carbon steel can be stabilized within a 20mm stainless steel less than 10mm, aluminum 8mm or less. Fiber laser cutting sheet 4mm less obvious advantages, it is affected by poor quality solid-state laser wavelengths in cutting slabs.

Laser cutting machine is not a panacea, CO2 laser wavelength 10.6um, solid-state lasers such as YAG or fiber laser having a wavelength of 1.06um, the former is more easily absorbed by the non-metallic, co2 laser cutting machine can cut high quality wood, acrylic, PP, plexiglass other non-metallic materials, which are not easily absorbed by the non-metallic, non-metallic materials it can not be cut, but when confronted with two lasers in copper, silver, aluminum, high reflective material are helpless.

The ATC wood cnc router with independent knife library, it can change required tools automatically during working without stop. The atc 3d engravingmachine is most suitable for engraving intricate patterns, with higher speedand higher efficiency.

This wood machine can do both cutting and 3D engraving works.

Second, because of both the  CO2 laser and the optical fiber wavelength difference of one order of magnitude, the former can not be used in optical fiber transmission, optical fiber transmission which can greatly increase the degree of flexibility of processing.

Prior to the early market introduction of the fiber laser in order to achieve three-dimensional processing, we use light with highly sophisticated technology through the joint dynamic combination mirror system leads to the CO2 laser three-dimensional curved surface, to achieve three-dimensional processing CO2 laser, this technology because the domestic the main limitation precision processing technology rests in the metal laser cutting machine hands of a handful of American and European countries, expensive, high maintenance requirements, market share gradually expanding fiber laser has been gradually losing its market simultaneously.

The fiber laser because it can be transmitted through the fiber, the degree of flexibility than ever before, especially for the automotive industry, because basically all about 1mm thin surface machining, the fiber laser with the same flexible robotic systems, low cost, low point of failure , easy maintenance, fast and doing my part to firmly occupied this market.

Third, the photoelectric conversion rate of the fiber laser up to 25%, while CO2 laser photoelectric conversion rate is only about 10%, in terms of electricity consumption, supporting cooling system and other advantages co2 laser engraving machine of fiber laser is quite obvious that if the fiber laser manufacturers more some, then the right price point, and solve the slab cutting process, CO2 laser threat would be enormous.

However, the fiber laser as a new laser technology, popularity is far less than the CO2 laser, its stability and reliability, service and convenience remains to be long-term observation of the market.

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