three-axis laser engraving machine

Laser engraving machine maintenance considerations

Laser engraving machine is not working properly, it may be a problem with its internal components or other reasons, you want to own a laser engraving machine maintenance customers will need to look at the following maintenance considerations.

1, three-axis laser engraving machine has a shaft can not move,  co2 laser engraving machine this time to check whether the corresponding axis corresponding to the drive block damage inspection methods can be used to replace method: will not move the axis corresponding to unplug inserted in the other active the corresponding drive shaft.

2, If the spindle does not work properly. Error code checking drive LED display.

3, if the exchange does not move the laser engraving machine axis to move normally, indicating that the shaft can be driven by the corresponding block is corrupted, you need to replace good driving block if you do not move the axis or not it shows cable laser engraving machine or motor has failed and requires replacement cable or motor.

CO2 laser engraver can also be worked in a lot of materials, such as advertising constrction, building decoration, furniture, toys, vessel mould, textile, packaging and paper, leather industry etc.

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Laser engraving machine laser output light is weak or no reason and solutions

Engraving laser engraving functions to improve efficiency, so that was carved at the smooth surface, round, quickly reduce the temperature to be carved nonmetallic materials, deformation and stress reduction are carved objects; can be widely used for a variety of non-metallic materials in the field of fine carvings. sometimes our laser engraving machine laser light is weak or no output, which is what causes it? Here we take a look at it.
1. focusing lens laser engraving machine whether pollution: clean the focusing mirror.

2, relief engraving machine equipment focusing Focus whether changes: re-adjust co2 laser engraver the focus.

3, the optical path of the laser engraving machine whether Offset: careful adjustment of the optical path .

4, laser engraving machines are contaminated or damaged lens reflex: Clean or replace the reflective lenses.

5, the laser power is power: Check the laser power supply circuit to function properly.

6, the laser tube is damaged or aging: Replace the laser tube.

7, the laser power is damaged: replace the laser power.

8, tombstone engraving machine machine temperature acrylic laser engraving is too high:

1> shutdown so that the temperature down;
2> Wind strengthening machine heat;
3> entire ambient temperature

9, whether or circulate cooling water: clear cool water.

10, cooling water or water temperature is normal: Replace the clean cooling water to the temperature to normal.
Laser engraving machine laser head deviation reasons

Laser engraving machine during operation, the laser head will appear deviation phenomenon, then, in the end is what causes the laser engraving machine laser head deviation? Here we look together.

First: wood laser engraving machine

Second: When the table is dirty or sticky residue, so that both sides of the paper by the imbalance of the resistance movement, leading to gradually produce deflection caused about deviation;

Third: press wheel wear variations, or press the wheel around mismatch will cause deviation, left pressure roller should be slightly tapered, the bulk of outward pressure roller pressure is too small, the paper vulnerable to external forces generate skewed.

Fourth: sticky notes before and after weight range (such as long and short in front of the carved figure more complex, will cause gradually backward deviation, then the best termination period of the previous paper).
Fourth: step motor lost cause deviation.

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