This woodworking machine is economical type which with whole steel structure.

Woodworking engraving machine spindle how repair and maintenance.Woodworking engraving machine
Engraving machines use a long time after the spindle prone to problems, wood CNC router machine how to determine the need to replace the spindle motor damage it Qingdao Olympic Shuo wood engraving machine Tip:? In general engraving machine tools and water-cooled spindle bearings are wearing parts, spindles hidden inside the spindle bearings.

The tool is easy to damage can be seen. After the spindle bearing damage will sound unusual, it is easy to distinguish the sound inside. At the top of the spindle will see a silver cover, there are some SHCS above.

Use a wrench to turn it on it; the center of the spindle has a dome with a pit next to a hole in the spindle, which is also the top wire Allen, the top wire will twist out; then will be able to win the dome ; there is a casing below the spindle can twist the site, with two wrenches, one on top of the card, a card below, you can put it screwed down; this time it can be removed following the black cap, and rotor could get out, holding the bearing to the market to buy the same hardware to put on it.

It should be noted that for a good time on the black cap must bear, to prevent the cover leaks, leaks occur when there is a CNC router machine short circuit may cause the engraving machine spindle.

Wood cnc router machine MT-C25B

This woodworking machine is economical type which with whole steel structure.

Adopting advanced DSP system, easy to learn and operate.
Y spindle adopts double motors to drive
High strength steel tube jointing.

It divided into 6 vacuum table-board.

With dust collect and vacuum table .

Wood engraving machine reminder: general spindle motor is broken, customers and friends who do not open their own replacement bearings, because of the need professional tools, or return to factory maintenance better.

Wood engraving machine spindle selection method

Woodworking engraving machine

One engraving machine is the most important components of the spindle. Spindle carving machine directly affect the processing speed and accuracy, the following is a selection of wood engraving machine spindle Suggestions section.

1. If the pursuit of processing efficiency wood engraving machine, the processing is necessary to speed, while eating knife volume is large, such as processing of wood materials, need more power 3KW spindle motor.

2. engraving machine spindle motor is using high-precision bearings, precision bearings, if not used, the performance is a long time after the high-speed rotation of the spindle  motor overheating, affecting the life of the spindle motor.

3. Listen whether engraving machine spindle rotating at different speeds, even without the noisy sound of voices, especially high-speed rotation is uniform and harmonious sound.

4. See if wood engraving machine spindle radial force. Can high-speed cutting is mainly hard texture of the material. Some spindle only cutting of hard materials at very low speeds, at wood carving cnc router machine high speed cutting of hard materials, it will seriously lose spindle turn. This engraving machine spindle affect the accuracy after a period of time, or even failure.

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