These desktop laser engraver also can do both engraving and cutting on most of non metal materials

Material for laser cutting machine laser absorption rule, in general, are the following: (1) laser light is irradiated to the surface of the material, a part of the surface is reflected, and the rest into the interior material, the material portion is absorbed, and part of it through the material.

(2) material than the reflection of the laser scale, the absorption ratio A and the linear absorption coefficient values of the mouth or by the measured value of the optical constants of the complex refractive index of the material was calculated.

(3) perpendicular to the incident laser beam, the absorption ratio is independent of polarization of the laser beam. However, when the laser beam is obliquely incident on the influence of polarization of the absorption becomes very important.

These home laser engraving machine are suitable for small business portable laser engraving machine prices or home business. They are easy for operation and transportation, what is more, they are much cheaper.

These desktop laser engraver also can do both engraving and cutting on most of non metal materials, such as acrylic, wood, leather, plastic, fabric, cloth, rubber, paper, card board, MDF, PVC, ABS, glass, marble, stone etc.

The laser is a transverse electromagnetic wave, perpendicular to each other and perpendicular to the direction of propagation of the electrical, magnetic oscillation components. Determines the direction of polarization of the electric field vector direction of the laser beam. If only the electric field vector in a fixed plane of vibration is called plane-polarized light (or the linearly polarized light). As the electric field vector rotation about the direction of propagation, depicted in its end a circular orbit, called circularly polarized light. As the electric field vector rotates endpoint for an elliptical trajectory, called elliptically polarized light.

Circularly polarized light can be seen to be perpendicular to each other, equal intensity superposition of two linearly polarized light, elliptically polarized light was perpendicular to each other, ranging from two linearly polarized light intensity superimposed.

Typically, for a small angle of incidence, the reflection ratio of the surface or the absorption ratio is not actually affect the polarization properties. However, for some larger angles of incidence occur, for example in the depth of laser cutting and laser welding, the laser beam is cut in an inclined leading edge of the leading edge or the keyhole, the angle of incidence can be as large as -150 to 85 feet time RP s a big difference. A polarization plane perpendicular to the incident plane of the s-polarized light is almost totally reflected, parallel to the incident surface of the P-polarized light is mostly absorbed.

Desktop mini desktop laser engraving machine laser engraving machine MT3050Cas the cheaper price ,higher cost-performance ,that has become the most popular small laser engraving machine ! mini laser engraving machine price for model MT3050C is economic and acceptable for all of DIY client.

This laser machine is suitable for small business, art ware, souvenir, wedding card, small advertising works etc, it is suitable for new business and home business.

Laser cutting machine sample
Rubber stamp laser engraving machineis widely used in rubber stamps industry. This machine with clamp work table, advanced MOSHI software, this stamp laser engraver with very low price.
Our machine with USB port, is easy to operate.
Clamp work table is the special design for stamps making.

In this case, the impact on the processing characteristics of the polarization must be considered: If the laser cutting machine direction of the laser machining is fixed and can directly use the laser cutting machine of the laser output polarized home laser engraving machine light to P-polarized light oriented processing, can enhance the absorption of the workpiece on the laser light; If the laser engraving machine laser cutting machine direction is changed, in order to avoid polarization due to changes in orientation of the workpiece on the laser absorption leading to changes in the ratio, the processing of uneven quality, a circular polarization mirror may be used to the linearly polarized laser output is converted to circularly polarized light, so that the absorption ratio is independent of the machining direction.

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