These are laser engraver machine customers need to pay attention to a few points

Laser engraving machine value depends on six aspects

With economic development, we must not only continue but also to seize the market innovative products, but also to improve their core competitiveness, product market share. Laser cutting equipment industry, especially, especially laser engraving machine, fiber laser cutting machine laser cutting equipment and other new markets more competitive. Understand the core competitiveness of enterprises, help to improve the overall hobby laser engraver efficiency of enterprises. Embodied in the form of its analysis, generally reflected in the following aspects:

1, the product brand competition.

Brands need to be based on quality, but the quality is just not constitute brands. It is reflected in the strong corporate culture refracted eyes of the public. It also constitutes a direct integration within the enterprise, the ability of external resources. Brand, once formed, and direct a resource. Thus it constitutes an important part of corporate supportive.

2, business process competition.

Flow is the sum of the various agencies and organizations to do things the way job roles individuals. It directly restricts the efficiency and effectiveness of organizational operations. Organizational role of the various agencies and positions individuals doing things, there is no efficient and effective running of the organization, there would be efficiency and effectiveness.

3, sales channel competition.

Business to make money, profit, develop, there must be sufficient number of customers to accept his products and services. If there is no broad effective channels of communication between business and customer relationships, business and customer isolation, there is no doubt bound to defeat. Therefore, the direct sales channel is a resource, there is a direct channel to form a competitive enterprise content supportive.

4, the corporate culture of competition.

A cultural competence is the integration of force by common values, a common way of thinking and acting together desktop mini laser engraving machine constituted, which plays to run directly coordinating organization, integration within, the role of external resources.

Mengniu twenty-five rule, was able to become Mengniu’s core competitiveness, the reason is that this twenty-five laws have become common values ??Mengniu people, a common way of thinking and  a common code of conduct. Thus the decision-making power and executive power companies are also bound to be directly subject to it.

5, innovation competition.

A move first, eat days, this is the only way to market competition. To a trick first, there must be constant innovation. Who can constantly create this trick first-come, who will remain invincible in this competitive market. So, it is both an important part of corporate supportive, but also the business execution of an important content.

Laser engraving machine laser head is what caused the deviation

First: we must first look at the materials have put positive: If 60CM paper put skew 06MM, take the paper will be about 5 meters deviation of 5 meters.

Second: When the table is dirty or sticky residue, so that both sides of the paper by the imbalance of the resistance movement, leading to gradually produce deflection caused about deviation;

Third: press wheel wear variations, or pressure roller mismatch will cause about wandering, about the pressure roller should be slightly tapered, the bulk of outward pressure roller pressure is too small, destop laser engraver cutter machine the paper vulnerable to external forces generated deflection.

Fourth: before and after weight ranging from sticky notes (such as long and short in front of more complex diagram engraved, will result in gradually backward deviation, then the best termination period of the previous paper).
Fourth: Step Motor lost cause deviation.

These are laser engraver machine customers need to pay attention to a few points, and if in doubt do not understand, and we welcome to call us, we will be dedicated to answer your questions

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