There are drive motors, drive wood cnc router machine and other aspects of the impact of efforts

Four performance wood cnc router machine.First: the intensity should be large

The main factors that affect the intensity of the spindle motor power. General power in three kilowatts or more. The tool can be clipped to 12.7. There are drive motors, drive wood cnc router machine and other aspects of the impact of efforts, CNC router machine but these accessories also affect the engraving machine price.

Second: faster

Modern processing industry requires is speed, which is to pay attention to the processing efficiency. Under the premise of efforts to achieve more energy as fast, but also take into account the life of the machine. Quality wood cnc router machine is equipped with a large stepper motors (eg: Fu-118) or servo motors, large drives (such as: control study 2811), to ensure rapid processing at the same time, the drive system is not hot, and do not than engraving machine load.

Three: accuracy to be accurate

Accuracy is the most important parameter test wood cnc router machine, wood cnc router machine, ensure high-speed processing of high-precision but also to ensure stability, which is not an easy task, but it is a quality engraving machine must have the capacity, which is a test for the sculpture machine factory production levels, regardless of engraving and cutting must achieve a good position to work long hours, and the carving smooth straight.

Four: reasonable structure, stable bed

wood cnc router machine bed is like the wood carving cnc router machine foundation of the house, must be solid shape, Chencan engraving machine body through vibration aging treatment, solid shape, ensuring the long-term use can maintain excellent performance.

wood cnc router machine Duandao how to solve the problem

Wood CNC router machines are high performance and high precision on wood cutting,wood engraving. CNC machines for wood are more popular with our customers. Our woodworking CNC router are attractive in price and quality in the market now.

wood cnc router machine Duandao how to solve the problem

In fact, each type of engraving machine will have Duandao phenomenon, but the reason for each engraving machine cutting knife is not the same, there is actually a force cutting knife tool or some factors have changed over itself great. We took the engraving machine to illustrate it:

First, we look at whether there is dust on the tool and jaws, the intensity of the knife is too big, in fact, wood cnc router machine daily care and maintenance requirements for them to clean wood CNC router machine the tool that is most important. We also observe the jaws and nuts are good, in fact, this is a method of problem analysis tool, in the processing of a problem we have to be analyzed from these areas, but also to combine then.

Secondly, we have to check carving material hardness to determine the material is not too large, the material whether magazines.

Again the problem is the process, allowance is not unreasonable to stay, whether there is a stepped margin, so there will be changes in the processing of cutting force caused by vibration, resulting in cutting knife, so there is a need to increase the semi-finishing . Another is to eat the amount of knife is too big.

The last factor is related to carving surrounding environment, whether around the source, the voltage supplied is stable. Factors related control system is the path were fairing, priority mode is correct, it has a direct impact on the machine’s startup speed, the higher the speed, the easier it starts to vibrate, so it is easy to cause the cutting knife.

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