The use of optical fiber laser cutting machine skill how to grasp?

In the use of optical fiber laser cutting machine for processing object, the optical fiber laser cutting machine equipment need to be use skills to grasp, so as to better play the efficacy of equipment, improve equipment efficiency to a great extent. Look at the below details:
1) check the steel belt, often must ensure tension. Otherwise in run out of the question, probably will hurt people, serious still can cause death. Steel with seemingly little things, out of the question is a bit serious.
2) check every six months rail straightness and verticality of the machine, found abnormal timely maintenance and debugging. Didn’t do this, may be cut out of the effect is not good, the error will increase, affect the cutting quality. This is a top priority, have to do.
3) once a week for the vacuum suction off the dust and dirt inside the machine, all electrical cabinets should be protected from dust.
4) the guide should often clean, remove dust and other sundry, ensure the normal order of the equipment rack always wipe, add lubricating oil, ensure lubricating and no clutter. Guide to regular cleaning and lubricating oil, and the motor is always clean and grease, machine in March will be better and more accurate cutting, cutting out the product quality will be improved.
5) bifocal laser cutting head is the perishable goods on the laser cutting machine, use for a long time, and lead to damage of laser cutting head.
To regularly check the maintenance. If there is any deformation or other form, by this time you should know the laser cutting head is damaged, to be replaced. Don’t change will influence the cutting quality into line, increase the cost, some products may be secondary processing, reduce the production efficiency. Laser cutting head looking for professional manufacturer produces, have to be serious when he enters the goods inspection, in order to avoid problems when the time comes when using.

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