The use of modern CNC engraving machine is also a manifestation of progress

Use CNC engraving machine which can bring the advantages of working.Engraving technology has a very long history in China, after years of change, its process and the way the processing has also been turned upside down. With the advent of the industrial civilization, people into the era of mechanized production, carving industry is also facing a new use reform, engraving machine is a milestone in its development of the industry.

The use of modern CNC router machine is also a manifestation of progress in the industry, mainly because of the use of this device can bring several benefits for engraving the following products:

This wood machine is suitable for big size and engrave 3D complicated images on wood materials. It widely used on furniture industry such as wood door,window,cabinet, kitchen ware,chair,wood table, solid wood bed etc.

Our wood carving machine is more and more popular in the advertising industry and wood can be used widely to process advertising signs, PCB, nameplates ,badges, bronzing plate, aluminum alloy, acrylic plates, ABS resin double color plate, PVC foaming board, indentation plates, signs, construction models, instrument panels, wooden products, etc.

First, to reduce costs. As an integral part of the commodity economy, the cost is an important factor affecting the development of enterprises, reduce costs but also means companies will compete to improve competitiveness. There are many factors that influence the cost of employer costs is one of them. In recent years with the increase in personnel costs, lower production of human needs became imminent move of enterprise reform, and CNC engraving machine is a powerful weapon to solve the imminent problem.

Second, to improve efficiency. CNC technology is the result of scientific evidence and proven an efficient industrial technologies, which combine mechanical equipment can greatly improve product processing and production efficiency. It is also because the reasons for this, CNC engraving machine to be able to so quickly to popularize and promote.
After completion of CNC engraving machine which needs to be done

After CNC engraving machine has been used up, processed refined people need, not just to stop and then placed to the side regardless, but a series of work to do to ensure that next time it can be used normally, at the same time to increase its service life.

First of all, to CNC engraving machine downtime. Then wood CNC router machine they have to pay attention to all power switches are turned off as well, to ensure that all switches in the stop position, power connections have been unplugged. And turn off the power when one by one in the order you want to turn off, first turn off the power and switch on each control panel, and then turn off the main power. Do not start off the main power supply, so it is easy to damage the machine.

Secondly, disassembly and inspection work. Will use the first card from the set of CNC engraving machine unloaded, and then remove the tool. In the tool will be used to clean up, will be sent to check to see if there is no damage. Also check the device class lubrication and cooling systems, if you find coolant and lubricant fluid is not able to guarantee the normal use of the next, should be promptly added.

Finally, cleaning work. Not only to clean equipment, clean up the debris, but also on the ground work environment clean. Equipment to prevent corrosion stains produced, affecting its normal use.

The good functioning of CNC engraving machines need people to be careful when using

CNC engraving machine can operate in addition to the normal good and the quality of its own, as well as the use of the environment outside,wood carving cnc router machine  with people’s use is also a great relationship. Seriously skilled operators can make better use of it, but whether novice or veteran to use, when in use should be more careful, to comply with norms used.

First, can not wear gloves, so set the state does not feel good to use, but also has a bad influence on the effect of the operation, while the gloves easily be hooked to produce debris at work, or is twisted into equipment dangerous. At the same time when the device is working, do not touch the moving parts of the hand, so easy to cause an accident. Also do not rely on the device even be lying on the device.

Second, in the course of operation, not AWOL. Be sure to stay next to the CNC engraving machine, pay close attention to its work, once found fault, to be shut down immediately, and other professionals to  resolve the matter themselves or to continue its work.

Third, CNC engraving machine work, do not carry out their measurements, speed and so on. If the CNC router machine need arises first equipment downtime will conduct complete these tasks before turning it to use. Meanwhile, for debris on the device, do not hand to clean up, but should use specialized tools.

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