The types of laser cutting machine

The very first, laser fusion cutting
In laser fusion cutting the workpiece soon after partial melting with the help in the molten material ejected. Since the material transfer happens only in the case of your liquid, so the course of action is known as the laser fusion cutting. A laser beam with higher purity inert gas cutting force molten material away from the slot, and gas by itself will not be involved in cutting. The laser fusion cutting can get larger cutting speed than gasification cutting. The energy for the gasification is commonly higher than the energy for the melt material. In laser fusion cutting, the laser beam is only absorbed by aspect. The maximum cutting speed improved with all the increase of laser energy, together with the raise on the thickness with the plate and material melting temperature decreases virtually inverse proportion to enhance. Beneath the condition from the laser energy will have to, limiting factor would be the cutting seam pressure and thermal conductivity of supplies. Laser fusion cutting material for iron and titanium metal might be obtained with no oxidation incision. Make gasification and melting but is significantly less than the laser energy density, for steel supplies, inside the 104 W/cm2 ~ 105 W/cm2.
The second,Laser vaporization cutting
Within the method of laser gasification cut, material within the slot gasification, this case require pretty higher laser power. So that you can avert material to steam condensation slotted walls, the thickness in the material have to not be bigger than the diameter on the laser beam. The processing and thus only suitable for application within the case of exclude melting materials must be avoided. The processing, in fact, only for the usage of iron base alloy is smaller location. Can’t be utilised within the processing, for instance wood and a few ceramics, like these without melting state and consequently is unlikely to let material vapor condensation of components. In addition, these supplies to achieve additional normally thick incision. In laser vaporization cutting, the optimal beam focus depends on the material thickness and beam good quality. Laser power and gasification hot only have influence around the optimal focus position. Below the condition on the plate thickness have to be, maximum cutting speed is definitely the material in the gasification temperature. The laser power density is higher than 108 w/cm2, and will depend on the material, cutting depth as well as the beam focus position. Beneath the condition in the plate thickness have to be, assuming that there is certainly enough of laser power, maximum cutting speed is restricted by a gas jet speed.
The third, laser flame cutting
Flame cutting and laser fusion cutting the difference amongst using oxygen as cutting gas. By signifies with the interaction between oxygen and heated metal, react additional heating material. As a result of the impact, for precisely the same thickness of your steel, the strategy could be made use of to have the cutting rate is greater than melting cutting. Alternatively, this process is compared with fusion cutting may well be poorer high-quality of incision. The truth is, it’s going to produce much more wide slot, roughness, clear enhance of heat impacted zone and also the edge of the worse excellent. Laser flame cutting inside the processing precision model and Angle is bad (is in danger of burn off Angle). You are able to make use of the pulse mode of laser to limit heat affected. The laser energy decided to cutting speed. Below the situation with the laser power will have to, limiting aspect is definitely the provide of oxygen and thermal conductivity of materials.

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