The thickness of the material to the laser

When laser cutting oxygen was used as cutting gas, have to crucial technical advantage, FPC laser cutting machine, for one, because the cutting speed can also get in essence is to determine the oxygen in the combustion process of mining.
When laser cutting than cutting with nitrogen gas (Schmelzschnit -) < 3 mm) part of the chip to produce tiny cancer of higher speeds. The wavelength of the fiber with 1 micron of the laser is a device in this paper, the future choice, PCB laser cutting machine, the machine can also implement these higher speed. For thicker sheet melt overflow is disabled, so must seek a slightly larger concentration. Arrive here so the CO2 laser higher processing speed. According to the material thickness is their own or in the fiber, or execution of better CO2 laser cutting applications.
Finally from the Angle of about 3 mm thickness of behavior in their own disadvantage of ligustrazine before cutting for the coupling in the same wavelength radiation from 1 micron (Fresnel absorption). These two kinds of technology to achieve practical table the same processing speed, so that the cost in the future. Additional cutting edge roughness increases, so as to improve the quality of the cut less income.
For flame cutting as cutting gas oxygen generated by a decisive advantage of these two technologies are neither because in combustion process in oxygen, of course, in the most appalling cutting speed.


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