The so-called co2 laser engraving machine is the use of co2 laser engraving machine

co2 laser engraving machine.CO2 laser engraving machine is best-selling model for non-metal materials engraving and cutting,such as acrylic,cloth,leather,woolens,bamboo,paper,rubber,double colored board,plastics,ring oxygen,glass, etc.

All of our laser machine adopt advanced DSP control system which continue and optimize the cutting speed,processing path, improve the working efficiency,the clearance compensation ensure the processing quality.MORN laser machine offer you best service and highest quality.

The so-called co2 laser engraving machine is the use of co2 laser engraving machine, such a laser device is a universal model, after Focus, small size, high degree of integration.

The principle of co2 laser cutting machine laser engraving is that: the laser beam is transmitted through the optical means and focusing on the surface of the material with high energy density of the laser beam point of vaporization rapidly, forming pits points. The use of computer-controlled laser head moves xy console driven and controlled in accordance with the requirements of the laser.

Switch, the software processing by the image information has been stored Laser engraver for sale in the computer in some way, when in order to read information from a computer, the laser head on progressive scan back and forth from left to right from top to bottom along the scan trajectory. Whenever a scan-to “1” point, so that the laser is turned on.

In order to change the bending angle of small parts made different proposals and has been implemented. Laser engraving machine calibration point heat relay mechanism is an example of an application. Laser cutting machine Non-contact spring with a certain position to form a closed loop.

Under the action of the laser pulse, the contact spring continuously curved until it loses the connection with the fixed contact point. This moment can be measured by a simple resistor,the use of this co2 laser engraving machine method allows for fine position of the contact spring so that the completion of the relay function.

When scanning a “0” point, so that the laser is turned off. Computer storage information is performed by a binary, which is exactly in line with the laser switch two states.

co2 laser engraving machine for the vast number of non-metallic materials marking, such as paper packaging, plastic products, paper labels, leather, cloth, glass, ceramics, resin plastics, wood products, PCB board.

co2 laser engraving machine processing advantages:

1, a wide range of: carbon dioxide laser almost any non-metallic materials for carving cutting. And low prices!

2, safe and reliable: the use of non-contact processing, the material will not cause mechanical compression or mechanical stress. No “marks”, do not harm the surface of the workpiece; it does not make the material deformation;

3, precise and meticulous: machining precision can reach 0.02mm;

4, environmental conservation: small beam spot diameter and,metal laser cutting machine generally less than 0.5mm; cutting material savings, safety and health;

5, consistent results: to ensure that the same batch processing results exactly.

6, high-speed fast: immediately available for high-speed engraving and cutting according to pattern computer output.

7, low cost: not restricted by the number of processing, and cheaper services for small batch processing,laser processing.

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