The same independent long wood cnc router machine is suitable

Good helper board hanging multi-head wood cnc router machine — furniture industry.(No less than 40cm width restriction best, length) long hanging plate processing relief engraving machine suitable for small plates, mainly for the furniture industry (furniture decorative panels need a lot of carving patterns, are generally not particularly wide in 20-40 mostly between centimeters).

The same independent long wood cnc router machine is suitable wood carving cnc router machine for slightly larger plate embossed processing.

Long hanging plate engraving machine is generally not recommended to do the cutting, the main reason it is not easy to control the force balance, control bad words likely to cause damage to the mechanical parts. Independent long wood cnc router machine either in relief or stud independent cutting process has done is very perfect.

Pneumatic Double (three) wood cnc router machine is good at multi-step process, completely different from the first two. Pneumatic Double Advantage (three) wood cnc router machine, to achieve a relatively low purchase cost to achieve multi-process machining center capabilities. At present, some manufacturers of pneumatic double-headed machine assembly process is already quite mature, so we can be assured to choose.
How to determine whether wood cnc router machine tool wear?

Wood CNC router machinetool wear can determine:

Wood CNC router machines are high performance and high precision on wood cutting,wood engraving. CNC machines for wood are more popular with our customers. Our woodworking CNC router are attractive in price and quality in the market now.

1, the tool can wear, wear of the size, the most direct way is to listen to the sound judgment, if the sound is very heavy cutting or piercing scream, to clarify the status of the tool is not working properly, then you can stop a brief analysis, if the tool has removed quality issues, tool clamping problems knife parameters problem, then it should be able to determine that the tool wear, the demand to suspend the processing, change tools.

2, after the state of motion processing machine to determine the wear condition of the tool, if the processing parameters, such as cutting the amount of settings are reasonable, vibration machine processing large, issued a “buzz”, this time can be sure that the tool reaches a state of rapid wear demand change tools.
Control engraving machine

Control engraving machine is divided into three types:

First, using SCM control, wood cnc router machine can work at the same layout, but you can not turn off the computer, the computer can reduce the waste caused by misuse;

Second, using USB port to transfer data, the system has more than 32M of memory, you can save the finished file completely from the computer, turn off the computer or other typesetting, can CNC router machine greatly improve efficiency.

Third, all the operations done by the computer-controlled engraving machine at work, the computer is in working condition, can not be other typesetting work, perhaps because of a computer malfunction caused by waste.

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