The preparation of CNC plasma cutting machine, CNC program

  The correct CNC plasma cutting machine machine ask program is cutting out the basis and premise of qualified or precise parts. Numerical control programming is a very rich professional technical content course, enterprise of CNC cutting machine program establishment should have professional staff to complete. And, of course, we are now commonly used for the numerical control cutting equipment is only complete two-dimensional space plane geometry shape of cutting blanking, the program is relatively simple, mainly is the plane line and arc program command.

In addition, the business enterprise inside now commonly used CNC cutting equipment with CNC nesting programming software, the software is installed on the computer and AutoCAD software support, the cutting part is as long as the needed according to the drawing processing requirements on the computer with CAD drawing, it can automatic nesting programming, and then copy the program into the microcomputer of CNC cutting machine, basic wouldn’t have to go to write a detailed procedure command. Applications of the CNC flame cutting machine, the key lies in the choice of cutting compensation type and the amount of compensation.

With the development of social economy and people living standard rise, CNC cutting machine tool product market demand has been further expanded, the market demand is becoming more and more shows the tendency of multi-level and diversification. Under the attraction of the huge market space, CNC cutting machine tool enterprises advance wave upon wave, involved in the fighting for market cake.

Overcapacity on the one hand, hit a lot weaker CNC cutting machine for small and medium-sized enterprises, on the other hand also accelerate the industry reshuffle, CNC cutting machine tool enterprises under the market pressure must also through technical innovation, enhance the brand, to reduce the cost of transformation and upgrading in order to survive and develop.



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