The most common several applications of laser engraving machine

Laser engraving machine is with the four characteristics of laser processing machine, it USES the characteristics of the laser combined with computer using CNC machining, can be directly conducted on computer typesetting according to actual condition, do the same batch products won’t appear too big difference, it has no contact processing and does not affect the surface of the workpiece, it is a kind of environmental protection and energy saving and advanced modern processing method.Laser engraving machine USES a wide range of the following is the most common laser engraving machine several applications.
1. The trademark: badges, all kinds of door, ZhaoShiPai produced various employees
2. Model: making sand table model, building model, etc
3. The shoe: sole logo processing
4. Jewelry decoration industry: jewelry fine carving, carving decoration products
5. Wood: is embossed with a design for design and production.
6. Manufacturing: advertising and gift for all kinds of carving double-color board panels, organic glass, brahman, stone house, three-dimensional signs, decorative gifts, light box piece of double color person statues, anaglyph medal, built-in light houses, carving of light guide plate lamp, organic board anaglyph stereoscopic door first
7. The car industry: tire mold lamp mould and mould processing ornament 8. The tobacco industry: used in cigarette packaging anti-counterfeiting mark, template production and cigarette word wheel production
9. Mould industry: engraving button embossing mold, injection mold, blowing mold, stamping die, glasses, die, etc.
10. The seal industry: all kinds of font the seal engraving of all kinds of material
11. The camera aperture scale zoom parts and processing
12. Packaging: bags, carton packaging glue type production
13. Printing industry: for concave and convex plate production
14. Watch table notice casing mould manufacturing
15. The golf ball head word and line processing
16. Inkstone header art sculpture processing
17. Bowling ball lettering
18. Bath tap sculpture.

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