the main advantage of laser cutting machine

Laser cutting in the field of metal processing applications.Compared with ordinary laser light four characteristics, namely monochromatic (single wavelength), coherent, directional and high light intensity. A laser beam is easy to transmit its time characteristics and spatial characteristics may be obtained, respectively, to control the focus after a very small spot with a high power density laser beams can be melted, vaporized material can be any rapid processing precision in the processing of the local area enter the workpiece heat a small heat-affected zone and heat deformation;

High efficiency, easy to automate laser technology is a comprehensive high-tech involved in optics, mechanics, electronics and other disciplines same laser processing equipment also involves many disciplines and therefore decided its high-tech and high-yield laser applications Laser engraver for sale throughout the field of international and domestic situation after years of research and development and improvement of modern lasers  and laser processing technology and equipment already quite mature formed a series of laser processing technology.

In addition a variety of new laser processing technology is still emerging from the laser processing is mainly used to cut the proportion of the practical application of international point of view, welding, surface treatment, marking and punching. Accounting for two-dimensional and three-dimensional laser cutting laser applications accounted for 65% of laser welding laser drilling about 20 percent, accounting for 10% or less marking and laser surface treatment include laser transformation hardening, laser cladding, laser surface alloying and laser surface melting condensate and other accounted for only about 5%.

From the development and application of laser processing technology point of view the country. More and more users realize the unique high performance laser processing and high flexibility, high efficiency. Currently in the field of aerospace, automobile manufacturing, switch industry, gear industry, railway locomotive manufacturing and metal processing industries have long been popular laser technology. Here I will introduce next,co2 laser cutting machine  laser cutting applications in metal processing areas:

A laser cutting machine characteristics and applications

Laser cutting is the most widely used current countries of laser processing technology in many areas abroad. For example, the automotive industry and manufacturing are used laser cutting machine for processing sheet metal parts with high-power laser beam quality laser cutting east-off increase processing a wide range of objects. including almost all of the metal and non-metallic materials. For example, r can use the laser for high hardness, metal laser cutting machine brittleness, high melting point of the material shape of complex three-dimensional parts cutting which is laser-cut advantage.

Second, the main advantage of laser cutting machine

1. Laser cutting non-contact optical thermal processing, known as “universal tool never wear” work can be carried out any form of close nesting or CD sets, make full use of raw materials. Due to non-contact machining, parts processed without any deformation.
2. High laser cutting efficiency. In Case 1mm thick aluminum plate cutting speeds up to 40m / min. High efficiency makes the single geometric processing costs reduced even below the traditional processing methods.

3. Laser cutting tool and die without. Under computer control, direct realization of two-dimensional, three-dimensional flexible working class on arbitrarily shaped plate and shell type co2 laser engraving machine parts, especially for varieties of new product  research and development stage, processing small quantities of rice gold type parts can be saved to high cost of mold design, manufacturing costs dramatically shorten the production cycle.

The laser cutting small slits slit generally between 0.15-0.4mm. Clean cut, no glitches even be directly processed by passing a certain precision spur gear products.

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