The importance of laser cutting machine guide rail

Laser cutting machine of the guide rail, also known as slippery course, linear guide, linear slide rail, used for straight line reciprocating movement situation, can be achieved under the condition of the high load and high precision linear motion.CNC cutting machine cutting machine guide rail is made of metal or other material slot or ridge, affordable, fixed, mobile device or equipment and to reduce the friction of a device.Guide on the surface of a longitudinal slot or ridge, used to guide, fixed special machine parts, equipment, instruments, etc,the prospect of laser cutters for sale is very good.

Guide and adjust the CNC laser cutting machine is a very important thing, the cutter guide and adjust ready to help improve the service life of laser cutting machine and cutting precision, so new workshop must make cutter guide device and adjustments.Can be realized under the condition of the high load guide laser cutting machine cutting and high precision motion.For adjust the CNC laser cutting machine guide rail is put forward the following Suggestions:

A, with precision theodolite is 1/10000 mm measurement leading rail and deputy at the ends of the guide rail flatness, raised high bolt to adjust and guide, keep the flatness of the main rail within 0.5 mm.

Second, the ends of the guide rail taut wire 1/2000 mm specification, and adjust the adjusting screw of guide rail on the two plate, guide positive on both ends and the standard steel wire of the distance to a certain value, distance and distance as a specification.

Three, with 20 n, stretching for 1/2000 mm steel tape measure precision on both ends of the distance between the main guide should span machine, otherwise the whole steel wire was applied to guide rail to adjust, and adjust the wire that constant specification distance.

Four, DiaoXiao and feeler one by one, is used to adjust every two dominant rail end face and the standard of steel wire distance, distance to standards.

After five, auxiliary guide calibration qualified, should be carefully on the tight connection between rail bolt, and the clamp pressure guide rail, shall not be moved at the same time should be carefully check the various parts of the guide rail and deformation, water levels and positive guide rail junction should keep smooth.

Six, compaction with press end main guide each one, as adjustment guide horizontal, vertical levelness, principal deputy guide flatness, principal deputy guide spacing, the basis of the guide rail straightness with wire and rail profile specification distance as a benchmark.

Guide is like a car tires, unstable device will have an accident, guide is also the same good guide cutting machine in run smoothly, cutting quality is good.CNC cutting machine guide adjustment to the above points, CNC cutting machine use will be very smooth, can also raise the service life of nc cutter and cutting precision.Working principle of CNC cutting machine, simply track can be thought of as a kind of the way of cutting, as a result of the numerical control automation, generally need to cut the whole board implement process programming, realize the whole plate of one-time cutting processing.Actual cutting process, many companies and operators on the cutting path exists uncertainty, how to grasp the cutting torch to in the process of the whole plate cutting completely in accordance with the design requirements, to reduce the wrong operation circumstances of material loss?

Marking apparatus is an important feature of CNC cutting machine, its main role is the appearance symbol processing line, graphics, and package number.Marking apparatus is the principle of the high mesh zinc powder by high temperature flame spray Yu Gangban surface after melting, forming uniform clear zinc powder lines, these lines has certain corrosion resistance and abrasion resistance.Marking device what are the advantages:

A, is suitable for automatic equipment and perform a variety of complex graphics marking requirements,the prospect of laser cutting machine for sale is very good.

2, line color: blue and white.Power supply: AC24V, 50 w powder spraying line 0.3 ~ 30 m/min in her work
Three, line width is 0.6 ~ 1.2 mm attached weight: 0.05 ~ 0.20 mm thickness is about 4.5 kg) containing powder spraying gun periphery

Four, the energy input: 4 bar, oxygen gas (acetylene, propane) 0.5 bar users can use according to the needs of processing.

CNC cutting machine rack and guide rail deformation?So big of a machine tool in the above kept walking back and forth, over time should be deformation, certainly cannot be said of CNC cutting machine guide must not deformation, the deformation is corresponding to the deformation.Heat bilges cold everybody understands the reason, it may be said that the numerical control cutting machine guide rail is a bit exaggerated, if a customer buy guide rail is 24 m to 18 m or no factory can guarantee that the height of the two guide rails are identical, the two parallel guide rail, there are always some neat or some variation.
18 m guide can’t be a molding, are generally every day or every 2 to 3 m m section, based on the pile in the first quarter, after each section is given priority to with the first quarter, do have flat, finish after the second quarter, with level measurement, request, talent move third rack, an analogy, the whole process of equipment, must be very careful certification complete, talent guarantee CNC cutting machine running shine on it.

CNC technology and CNC machine tools is the foundation of modern manufacturing, the important of a country’s comprehensive national strength.Countries from the manufacturer to make the process of power shift, vigorously develops the numerical control technology is of great significance.Abroad in recent years, the introduction of digestion, on the basis of numerical control technology, China has produced independent copyright of nc system and nc machine tools, but more than medium and high-grade CNC system is still import products, research the present situation of nc machine tools and technology and the development direction of the future, will be issued folio, high-grade CNC products, further expand the market share nc machine tools play an important role,the prospect of laser cutter machine for sale is very good.

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