The following describes the use of CNC wood cnc router machine engraving

Some common jargon wood cnc router machine.When buying wood cnc router machine, there are a lot of technical language, if it is just the start of this row, standing knowledge helps them learn at the time of purchase engraving machine can be a better choice for their production needs. Master these tips, in the course of developing a better understanding of the direction of their products.

When using a long piece wood cnc router machine engraving, sculpture can be divided into two-dimensional and three-dimensional sculpture carving, engraving is flat and three-dimensional sculpture; drilling is divided into points, contours and regional drilling. The following describes the use of CNC wood cnc router machine engraving, some relevant academic terminology and relevant way carvings.

1, the first is: incised, carved, often hear is certain intaglio engraving machine can be carved Yang is incised carved here.

The so-called “incised” means: After carving carving material left on the sunken text or graphics.

The so-called “carved” means: After carving carving material on the left is projecting text or images, commonly known as male characters or male figure.

2, then that is the engraving depth, buy the machine, will be asked, the depth of the wood carving cnc router machine problem engraving.

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“Engraving depth” refers to the maximum depth of processing. In the three-dimensional sculpture, carving a path of depth with the shape change and changing working patterns. In the two-dimensional sculpture, engraving depth can also affect the appearance of the finished effect.

3, layered sculpture, this is generally in the purchase process, are not involved.

In 2D, 3D, cutting words that appear in the image carved “layered sculpture”, each feed does not exceed [] mm, “represents the maximum depth of each tool into the material of the hard texture of the material according to experience value multiple layered sculpture, engraving depth to finalize the design.

4, mosaic path, this is the perfect combination of multiple finished whether the problem.

After the so-called “mosaic” is a graphic design, were incised and carved, and the resulting two parts are referred to as female and male mold; two molds can snap together seamlessly. Taking into account the impact of the tool, in the calculation of engraving path, one must be selected from the “mosaic path.”

5, cutter compensation, in order to design a better accuracy, less general use

wood CNC router machine In the process, the tool itself has a cutting width, with “tool compensation”, the tool can automatically eliminate blade width on the processing results.

6, when the direction of rotation Crochet, for the required accuracy is an important criterion

In cutting and milling bottom, select the appropriate direction of rotation Crochet, can make objects more smooth side after processing.

7, end milling methods, see the operator’s habits of a choice

In the path computation in 2D and 3D, end milling is a common way of processing, which is the object or text to an empty part of milling. End milling methods are commonly used: horizontal end milling, vertical milling bottom end milling forward 45 degrees, 45 degrees back end milling, end milling ring, but Whichever way you choose, the result is the same, except that when the routes processing tool.

8, tool selection, a carving station with more opportunity to chisel

When different materials, different hardness of objects for processing, in order to ensure that the processing efficiency, and ensure processing effect, you need to select the appropriate cutting CNC router machine tools. Users can set up their own, naming their common tool.

Our engraving machine can process products covered woodworking industry, advertising decoration, logo signs already and gifts industry. Products have long engraving machine, wood cnc router machine, advertising engraving machine, laser engraving machine; combining strength, speed and reliability as a whole, can be of various materials into the three-dimensional sculpture.

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