The factors affecting the effects of cutting CNC plasma cutting machine

The factors affecting the effects of cutting CNC plasma cutting machine

CNC plasma cutting machine in cutting process are quick in cutting speed, and the characteristics of small slot, but many users tend to appear in the actual operation process all kinds of problems, lead to actual cutting speed is limited, the slot is too large, the phenomenon such as cutting surface is not whole, eliminate mechanical failure of CNC plasma cutting machine, etc factors, and the user enterprise in operation is not properly set related parameters such as numerical control such as ion cutting machine will also affect the actual effect of cutting, the following will be used in actual experience the factors affecting the effects of cutting CNC plasma cutting machine, and the enterprise’s exchange users:

1. Cutting current increases also can improve the power of plasma arc cutting current, but it is limited by a maximum allowable current, or you will make the plasma arc beam coarsens, slot width increase and the decrease of the electrode life.

2. The no-load voltage and arc column voltage plasma cutting power supply, it must be high enough no-load voltage and can be easily burning arc and plasma arc stability. No-load voltage of 120-600 – v, general and arc column voltage is usually half empty load voltage. Improve the arc column voltage, can significantly increase the plasma arc power, thus can improve the cutting speed and cutting larger thickness of the sheet metal. Arc column voltage is often by adjusting the gas flow rate and increase the drop-off in electrode did not meet, but cannot exceed 65% of the no-load voltage of arc column voltage, otherwise it will make the plasma arc is not stable.

3. The gas flow to increase gas flow can not only improve the arc column voltage, and to enhance the compression function of the arc column and make stronger sense of plasma arc energy more focused, spray, and thus can improve the cutting speed and quality. But the gas flow is too large, it will make the arc column short and heat loss increase, make the cutting ability is abate, properly until the cutting process.

$$4. Within the electrode reduction within the so-called reduction refers to the end of the electrode to the nozzle distance, the appropriate distance can make the arc in the nozzle have good compression, gain energy concentration and high temperature of plasma arc and effectively cutting. Distance is too big or too small, can make the electrode serious loss, cutting nozzle burn out and cutting ability. Take 8 to 11 mm drop-off in general.

5. Cutting nozzle height cutting nozzle height refers to the nozzle end face to cut distance on the surface of the workpiece. The distance is commonly 4 to 10 mm. It like the drop-off in electrode, distance to the right to give full play to the efficiency of plasma arc cutting, otherwise it will make the cutting efficiency and cutting quality decline or cut mouth burn out.


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