The composition of laser cutting machine

Method frequently consists of laser generator, laser cutting machine (outside) beam transmission elements, workbench (machine), computer system numerical control cabinet, cooler and personal computer (hardware and software), along with other components.
The initial, the laser generator.
For the purpose from the laser cutting, except for a handful of occasions employing YAG solid state laser, the vast majority with the electric – light conversion efficiency is higher and may output high energy CO2 gas laser. Because of the laser cutting to beam top quality requirement is extremely high, so not all the laser could be utilised for cutting.
The second,CNC cutting machine
Consists of 3 parts, namely the workbench (for precision machine tool normally), beam transmission technique (occasionally called outdoors light path, the laser beam to reach inside the whole optical path ahead of the workpiece transmission optical and mechanical components of your light beam) and laptop numerical control method.
Based on cutting ark and workbench relative motion way, it can be divided into 3 varieties:
a.In the procedure of cutting, light beam (shot) by cutting torch and workbench are mobile, basic beam along the Y to move, the workbench to move in X.
b.In the procedure of cutting, only the beams of light moved (torch), workbench will not move.
b.Inside the procedure of cutting, the only moving workbench and beam (torch) is stationary.
The third,Five-axis machine
Often met in industrial production want cutting issue of 3 dimensional components, even though two axis, three axis laser cutting machine can reduce the two-dimensional plane artifacts, which requires cutting machine equipped having a manipulator, namely five-axis machine.
The fourth,laser punch cutting machine.

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