The cleaning work of CNC cutting machine

When used for a period of time after cutting machine cutting machine will have a certain amount of dust and dirt, especially the key parts of CNC cutting machine. If not cleaned key parts of CNC cutting machine, CNC cutting machine use will affect the. So cutting machine cleaning work we have to do. In the numerical control cutting machine cleaning in the three parts must be clean. Today, we introduce you to a simple.

Cleaning of CNC cutting machine nozzle. If the oxide deposition nozzle, will affect the cutting stream, affecting the use of CNC cutting machine.

Treatment measures: inside the cotton flannel wiper nozzle clean can remove the oxide.

CNC cutting machine cleaning two protective cover. With the use of CNC cutting machine, protection will cover the slag, slag will cause “heavy plasma arc are destructive”. Treatment measures, on the shield paint splash chemical coatings best smearing splash chemical coating, reduce the slag heap.

CNC cutting machine cleaning three cutting torch and wearing parts. In the torch and the vulnerability of any loot will seriously affect the function of plasma system.

Treatment measures, the replacement of wearing parts, to put it in a clean cloth, and regularly check the connection thread cutting torch, with hydrogen peroxide cleaning electrode contact surface and the nozzle. The special numerical control equipment of Wuhan, regarding three big will clear position, we must do a good job cleaning. Of course, for other parts of CNC cutting machine. We also want to do a good job cleaning. We engaged in CNC cutting machine production has been for many years, has been praised by customers all kinds of CNC production cutting machine. If you need the CNC cutting machine, welcome to call.

Part of CNC cutting machine

The relevant part of CNC cutting machine for users simple introduce.

The main part is divided into the mechanical part and electric part of two main parts of CNC cutting machine:

The mechanical part consists of: cutting machine beam, guide rail, cutting gun, drag, drag rack etc.One part and guide with rack and a motor drive part, beam part is usually equipped with a bar, the drive motor and linear guide rail, some also equipped with steel belt transmission.

Electrical part and share very fine, numerical control system, motor drive, enumerates the long drop, adjusting part etc.

Attention to detail CNC cutting machine cutting gap compensation

CNC cutting machine cutting gap compensation is the first application of NC flame cutting machine, and then with the development of science and technology era, CNC plasma cutting machine, laser cutting machine and a series of products emerge as the times require, cnc cutting machine they have a common defect, is in the cutting process, cutting down the workpiece size may be smaller than the actual drawing 1mm size. In order to make up for the loss caused by the difference in size between the cutting, the need for geometric dimensions of compensation, compensation in two ways: the software compensation and compensation of CNC system, the ultimate effect is to make the cutting track offset machine walking, forming the cutting kerf loss after the size is just equal to the size of the graphics programming. Also need to pay attention to the following cutting:

1, the software compensation after generally do not need in the NC system of compensation, cnc cutting machines or compensation to repeat the size. But if the software compensation in cutting down the size is a little, can be compensated by CNC system.

2, if the compensation of CNC system, the software in the compensation amount to zero.

3, if you are not sure what size should be compensation, can in the scrap cut a rectangle, measuring the actual size and the programming size calculation of the need of compensation.

4, CNC system is more difficult in the treatment of small arc compensation, if not arc than the radius of the circular arc compensation also hours cut out, can not be compensated (theoretically radius becomes negative), then should consider modifying parts diagram, or considering the software compensation to discover.

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