The application of the laser cutting machine industry

Laser cutting machine is divided into metal and non-metallic laser cutting machine laser cutting machine:
Metal laser cutting machine is very widely used, a lot of industry, and is a lot of enterprises must be one of the necessary equipment, including advertising signs production (the main is some stainless steel LOGO and label cutting).Sheet metal processing, sheet metal processing contains basic all of metal materials, the general mainly has bending, grinding, etc., in suzhou, a process with the laser cutting machine is one of the most important), chassis cabinets production (generally useful to carbon steel or stainless steel, this also is mainly bending and cutting two cutting process).Spring leaf (to finish machining process) tube parts and elevator casing produce shells of the machinery and equipment, and kitchen utensils (mostly in the stainless steel), which go beyond the laser cutting machine set is also involved in the god seven of eight spacecraft made these actually involves various aspects,the prospect of laser cutters for sale is very good.

Laser cutting machine for material cutting processing

With a laser beam to a variety of materials processing, such as punching, cutting, scribing, welding, heat treatment, etc.

Laser processing advantages:

1. The laser power density is big, the workpiece absorbs after laser melting or vaporization temperature rise rapidly, even a high melting point, hardness and brittle materials, such as ceramics, diamond, etc.) can also be used laser processing.

2. The laser head do not contact with artifacts, there exists no problem of machining tool wear.

3. The workpiece is not affected by stress, is not easy to pollution,the prospect of laser cutting machine for sale is very good.

4. To motion artifacts or sealed in a glass shell material processing.

5. The divergence Angle of laser beam can be less than 1 mm arc, spot diameter can be small to micron, time can be short to nanosecond and picosecond, at the same time, the continuous output power and high power laser can reach kw to 10 kw level, and is suitable for precision laser micro machining, and is suitable for large material processing.

6. Easy to control, laser beam and precision machinery, precision measurement technology and electronic computer, the combination of the height of the implementation process automation and achieve high machining accuracy.

7. In the bad environment inaccessible place, or others available robots for laser processing.

Laser cutting machine laser equipment longevity

The stability of the laser cutting machine with the continuous working time is close, maintain the stability of laser cutting performance keep its better performance, extend the life, so as to achieve the purpose of cost savings:

Abroad too early, because foreign laser industry development in domestic haven’t realized laser engraving machine, laser cutting machine USES the overseas has long been in the clothing, crafts, organic glass, wood and leather products industry, form a laser cutting machine after years of test and improvement, in addition to the excitation laser cutting machine in working long hours because of the belt to change gradually and wear and tear, no other found that much of a problem, the life of laser tube for up to 30000 hours, in the same way, it is the stability of laser cutting machine accessories qualitative in the long term continuous improvement and grope.

Study abroad the knowledge, can let we continue to progress, so as to achieve cost savings, create more revenue,the prospect of laser cutter machine for sale is very good.

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