The application of laser engraving machine in the guide plate

Laser engraving machine is widely applied in recent years, the industry of light guide plate is good, the prospect of laser engraving machine in the industry is good.Design principle of light guide plate is the result of NoteBook LCD display, is to use a transparent acrylic plate absorbing light from the lamp to stay in the surface of the force that press a gram, the use of laser engraving or digital printing technology in the spread of the underside of light guide plate to form various shapes, the light evenly distributed in the whole process, board face is a line light source into a plane light source of high-tech products.

Light guide plate slim light box, it is a kind of “energy saving, ultra-thin, convenient and safe” light boxes, with an ultra bright, uniform light, energy conservation and environmental protection etc. Characteristics.Using spectral analysis principle combined with a pulsed laser engraving or digital printing technology and under the condition of constant temperature, constant humidity, dustless environment, with an ultra bright and uniform light, energy conservation, environmental protection, no dark space, easy installation and maintenance etc. Characteristics.Laser engraving technology is applied to the production of light guide plate, greatly promote the guide plate in the promotion and popularization of ultra-thin light box made of light guide plate,the prospect of laser engraving machine for sale is very good.

One, on the market at present the comparison of all kinds of guide plate production process: process reflection unit geometric shape space craft category brightness evenness quality m applicable environmental presence of wring side laser dot pits three-dimensional (3 d grating principle, diffuse) out of contact, heat processing any shape (including curved shape and fan) more than 30% higher than silk screen 0.01 mm8 have laser marking on acrylic anywhere without destroying concave line (plane grating principle, diffuse) 3 d non-contact, heat processing line, can control the length of the line and the density of more than 30% higher than silk screen 0.1 mm8 acrylic mould opening without damage anywhere without bumps (stereo reflection) three-dimensional forming a special simple graph of more than 20% higher than silk screen 0.05 mm5 yakeli without damage anywhere on the screen printing surface glitter chemistry special simple graphics 0.1 mm cannot be oxidized.

Second, the characteristics of laser engraving machine guide plate:

1, save electricity.Over 70% of energy than traditional light box.Advanced lighting technology, make the light more focused, more energy efficient.

2, low process cost.Don’t need to screen printing screen, no ink, no screen printing technology.

3, easy to operate.Any size guide plate, need to direct input size in laser control system can be a one-time molding.

4, high brightness, With laser non-contact production process, in the light the material formed on the concave point (or line), the direction of the transmitted light guide light material, also is the refraction of light, and screen printing take reflected light guide plate, so the laser light guide than traditional screen printing technology of light guide plate.

5, good uniformity.On the market at present most of the guide plate is not uniform, Michael entrepreneurship laser engraving machine of light guide plate in the control program to wring side method, so that it can be in the dark area to form the refraction point, obtain more refracted light, so that the plate overall brightness error is small, good uniformity.Direction of the light source for the surface light source, light more evenly, softer, more comfortable vision.

6, long service life.Is not affected by water and moisture, service life is longer than the printed 3-5 times.Generally printed board, as long as a touch of water will be dark, light attenuation is faster, some plate brightness will reduce about half a years.Mainly printed board, is to rely on ink reflection, and ink in the high intensity of light, will produce inevitable aging phenomenon.And Michael and laser engraving is a molding of light guide plate, and no other chemicals on light material, so on to adapt to the environment was stronger than the traditional screen printing, longer service life.Three, laser manufacturing method of light guide plate Laser guide plate making there are two main methods: laser marking, laser dot,the laser engraving machine price is reasonable.

1, the principle of laser marking Using a laser engraving machine, marking in the surface of acrylic, form reflective diffusion slot.In order to make the whole field uniform glow, as close to the light source the light, the more V groove density is small.The great part of the light has issued the light source, light, high V groove density.Possess the characteristics of the technical structure of the guide plate is: high light conversion rate compared with traditional high 30% of light guide plate, the (above), the light even, long service life (indoor can be normal use of more than 20 years), security, environmental protection, durable and reliable indoor outdoor is applicable;The same area and luminous brightness, high luminous efficiency, low power consumption.Can be made into special shape, such as round, oval, circular, triangle, etc.;Equal brightness, you can use the thickness of thin products, saving cost;You can use any surface light source, point source, line source do light source including LED, CCFL (cold cathode lamp), fluorescent tube, etc.

2, laser principle: the pulse control mode on the base of light guide plate with a laser engraving machine, the spread of the round or square point on when the light beam to spread, the reflected light will spread to different perspectives, and then destroy the reflection condition by positive injection of light guide plate, use a variety of different density, size of diffusion points, can make the uniform glow of light guide plate.The baffle plate is used to the bottom with light reflected back to the guide plate, used to improve the efficiency of the use of light.In order to avoid the dot laser guide plate in the dark area is formed on the optical margin, used wring side technology, wring side technique is to use very close (the more the more dense) on the side point reflected by light, as far as possible make the non – into the dark area of the optical margin improved effectively,the prospect of laser engraver for sale is very good.


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