the application of laser cutting machine

Advantages in the metal laser cutting machine application of laser cutting machine and play kitchenware industry

Today’s kitchen manufacturing company appeared very fierce competition, they are in the design, manufacture and marketing chain under tremendous pressure to seek innovations in their own technology, design innovation and manufacturing as well as sales of the finer aspects reflected advantage, in order to emerge undertake guesthouses, hotels and catering industries, schools organs. The use of laser cutting machine to enhance the competitive strength of the fact that more companies have been recognized and put into use.

In the kitchen industry, product replacement frequency is high, the designed products need to have a certain degree of personalization, so the conventional cutting equipment: cutting machines, bending machines, presses, plasma cutting machine has been unable to meet the enterprises to enhance competitiveness also adds a manual master, improve production costs, now gradually been replaced by laser cutting equipment.

Advantages of laser cutting machine industry plays in the kitchen can be said to be increasingly obvious illustration, a well-known kitchenware manufacturing company co2 laser engraving machine before the introduction of laser equipment, the need for various types of drilling and curved cutting edges, they use a plasma cutter has been unable to achieve high-precision requirements, is more dependent on the skill level of processing of the master, but there has not solve the problem of the situation, there has been a lot of work time and material costs, processing costs again heightening.

Since the purchase of laser cutting machine after all the processes by laser cutting equipment to complete, no longer dependent on artificial, manufacturing efficiency than ever before to improve a lot, a few million monthly processing costs become zero, not only to six months has been to put the cost of laser equipment is fully recovered, has created an unprecedented economic benefits, more companies are beginning to recognize the kitchenware manufacturer laser, more input using a laser cutting machine.
Non-metal laser cutting machine Cautions

Nonmetallic – refers to the material other than metal, such as leather, fabric, acrylic, marble, electronics, handicrafts, Die these, covering industry more widely, so the laser cutting machine for applications become widespread, every co2 laser cutting machine industry are equipped with such a device, showing its powerful and strong compatibility features. Then there will be a lot of users want to learn more and more non-metal laser cutting machine at the time of use of what we need to pay attention to it The following brief points:

Debugging sample: different materials is a major determinant of the accuracy of a laser  cutting and thickness, which requires the operator to work in advance at the time of commissioning the specific, to keep the accuracy of the grasp of this approximate accuracy of the material cutting and depth, and then start cutting the finished product so that we can ensure the accuracy of the finished product on the maximum.

Operation Laser engraver for sale time: While cutting machine can work continuously without interruption, but in order to better maintenance of machinery and equipment, in the circumstances permitted, non-metal laser cutting machine operating longer the best control in 5 hours, must be allowed to rest more than five hours after the machine half an hour, to prevent overheating affect cutting accuracy.

Electricity: must ensure stable operation of the laser cutting machine voltage, check the value before the boot is not at maximum ammeter, and in the case of voltage instability Never turn. Note: If the voltage instability often need to use the regulator.

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