The application of laser cutting machine inside the sheet metal business

Using the rapid development of sheet metal processing technologies and processing technologies from the domestic is also each day, and foreign nation the gap involving extra and more smaller, quite a few well-known foreign companies f transferring manufacturing base of dispute of dispute for the China, simultaneously, also brought lots of reactionary to sheet metal processing.
Laser cutting is really a process from the sheet metal processing, metal processing may be the “processing center”; laser cutting versatile level is high, higher cutting speed, higher production efficiency, solution consumption cycle short, won widespread market for buyers. Laser cutting and no cutting force, cutting without deformation; without having the tool put on, material compliance; whether it really is very simple or complex components, might be cut by laser fast forming a fine; the narrow kerf, excellent cutting quality, high level of automation, uncomplicated operation, low labor intensity, no pollution is usually completed automatically cutting; nesting, nesting, enhance information utilization rate, low production price, superior economic advantage. The effective lifetime of your technologies, at present beyond the plate thickness of 2 mm is mostly made use of in laser cutting, a lot of experts believe the subsequent 30-40 years foreign evaluation would be the golden period with the laser processing technologies (will be the sheet metal processing development path).

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