The advantages of laser engraving machining technology analysis of China

Laser engraving machining technology is similar to the CAD software, such as its graphic vector or bitmap editor, according to the required output to form a complete set of machine and control software, and set up good speed, parameters such as accuracy, can for laser engraving machining required artifacts. The working principle of laser engraving machining technology is actually in the process of laser engraving machine, using laser energy choreography version software control, control the direction and speed of the laser beam, the processing of materials accurately.
This laser engraving machining technology has greatly improved the accuracy and speed of the material processing, the site of high precision, working speed is far more than human, to speed up the user supplies to customer’s requirement. At the same time, the work efficiency to a great extent, reduces the production cost, even lower than the traditional processing of cowboy spurt the code several times. Laser engraving machining technology for processing industry has brought new vitality, and will gradually in-depth laser machine for material processing field.

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