The advantages of laser cutting machine processing items

1. Together with the development of high-power laser cutting machine to plus the higher overall performance CNC and servo method, the use of high energy laser cutting machine can acquire higher processing speed, at the same time lessen the heat affected zone and heat distortion; Can reduce the material thickness is also additional boost, high energy laser might be by way of the usage of Q switch or the load pulse wave, which tends to make low power laser to create higher power laser.
two. Laser cutting machine to hugely automated and intelligent direction. The CAD/CAPP/CAM and also the artificial intelligence applied in laser cutting machine, multifunction laser processing system developed hugely automated.
three points. In accordance with the processing speed of adaptive control of laser power and laser mode or set up method database and expert adaptive control system makes the laser cutting machine common improvement in functionality. Inside the database because the system core, the oriented universal CAPP improvement tool, for all sorts of data within the course of action of laser cutting machine design, analysis, establish the database structure.
4. To create multifunctional laser machining center, for instance laser cutting machine, laser welding and heat therapy following every functioning procedure good quality feedback integrated together, give complete play to the general positive aspects of laser processing.

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