The advantage of laser marking machine in the electronic appliances

Although China has become one of the world’s electrical and electronic production big country, with a strong electron productivity, but also face the embarrassment of some manufacturing logo, machines with their own principles, advantages and other characteristics, can be permanently playing on the electronic appliances standard, I believe that in the near future, fiber laser marker is widely used in electronic appliances and Development in marking.

Laser marking machine has now been accepted by various industries, as well as the principle advantage of the characteristics of their work are inseparable.

Laser marking machine, “cold”, literally no way to be understood that such is to be processed by heating the surface of the article to leave traces identified, particularly electronic devices or the like constituting the material is not resistant to high temperature, so using laser marking machine for identification does not produce any “thermal injury” does not cause any adverse environmental contamination of the product, and laser marking machine is no longer the traditional color marker, but by “carving” and therefore have a permanent resistance, marking the traditional craft supplies costs annually undoubtedly hampered the development of China’s electronic industry, laser marking machine during use without supplies, marking can reduce costs, and uses a computer-controlled, not only because of the artificial relief improper operation occurrence probability of failure, but also can greatly improve the efficiency of processing.

The use of laser marking machine krypton lamps
The use of fiber laser marking krypton lamps: Close water-cooled machine, laser power. Open the upper three chamber lid, remove to replace the lamp or crystal, placed after the replacement, installed cavity cover. Open water-cooled machines, laser power, laser power supply current is set (15 ~ 20) A so. Place a small wood or black paper between the diaphragm and the beam expander in front, you should see the light spot formed by laser ablation. If not, minor adjustments before the three knobs diaphragm frame until the spots appear. After the laser commissioning three knobs out before adjustment should be repeated so that the diaphragm frame strongest spot, such as a laser is too strong, can not be observed when the brightness is too high, you can reduce the supply current. Turn off the laser power.

Special Note: krypton lamp replacement time. Description krypton laser light factory krypton lamp life of 300 hours, but due to the different users use conditions, these times can not serve as the sole basis for the replacement krypton lamp. With the increasing use of time, krypton lamp luminous efficiency decreases the laser output also will be weakened, many users in order to obtain sufficient laser output, they increase the laser power supply current, krypton lamp emission enhancement, which makes krypton lamp aging accelerate , creating a vicious cycle, can sometimes lead to fry light phenomenon. To prevent this from happening, it is recommended by the following method to determine whether it should replace the krypton lamp. When put on a new krypton lamps, laser power meter to record the value of the normal marking time as a standard current value. When krypton lamp aging, increasing the laser power supply current output, but the ammeter value should not exceed 1.25 times the standard current value. For example: The new krypton lamp current value when marking 20A, after a period of time, if you turn up to 25A current value is still not normal after marking, replace krypton lamps.

How to distinguish laser marking machine is affected by signal interference
How to distinguish laser marking machine is affected by signal interference, it is worth getting a fiber laser marking machine operations are the most common problems, more master laser marking machine operating specifications, in order to produce more and better products.

Failure: The computer is set straight, playing out of the waves.
Description: galvo system is not able to determine the problem, for a new computer D / A converter card does not work, galvanometer and optical bench is also fully insulated. D / A card to the galvanometer data line is not a problem, but the lines are wavy lines playing out settings.

Analysis: break out the situation more waves than previously encountered, but the most common signal interference caused by the interference signal amplitude mirror main factors drive the laser light and sound power, power fluctuations outside interference galvanometer search from the source. If you can not try to open the laser power driver when scanned with a light indicating whether the lines presented linear wavy lines. In the case of determining the preceding steps do not interfere, the first pneumatic laser power, to see if there Ariel phenomenon. Then the fiber laser marking system output power supply annoying gradual increase observed trace out the lines. Finally, open the CD-ROM device to observe the startup sound wave phenomenon occurs in which step will determine the basic interference which may in part from. Having identified the source of interference, again trying to solve the interference approach.


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