that this CO2 laser cutting machine is non-metallic

How CO2 laser cutting machine Quality Control.With the development of laser cutting technology, CO2 laser cutting machine technology matures, industry applications Laser engraver for sale continue to grow. However, in the actual cutting production process, also because of various causes all kinds of problems.

Therefore, how to control these problems, how to solve these quality problems, the production process has become the most major part. So the quality CO2 laser cutting machine how to control it? Here we come and we simply introduced.

First, in respect to the cutting effect of a comparison, this CO2 laser cutting machine equipment to meet, to achieve the desired effect, co2 laser cutting machine and can not say that this CO2 laser cutting machine is non-metallic,  he just wants it to go to the processing of metallic materials, and therefore, in this regard, the staff should conduct an analysis and discussion based on technical parameters CO2 laser cutting machine. In conclusion to this problem which, there will be two kinds of conclusions can not be processed with the processing of products.

Secondly, the product can be processed, according to the cutting phenomena cause analysis. Generally speaking, the adverse effect of the processing, for two reasons, the work material issues, the use of a laser cutting machine dedicated to change the material for the collection, can effectively solve this kind of problem.

Second, the technical parameters of co2 laser engraving machine the settings, the need to cut the product, the same parts of the continuous test, carried out according to the cutting result of a successive discussed, and may be the work surface, the configuration is not in place or cause problems, such a work mode the investigation and the ability to effectively control the degree of CO2 laser cutting machine, with stable properties.

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Co2 laser cutting machine with low price and high quality. Like this model MT-L1212, customer could choose the laser tubes according to their own needs, such as 80W reci, 100W reci, 130W reci max. Different laser power could cut different thickness.

Finally, according to reinforce be cut quality assurance management. During the cutting process, is often used to cut the pressure tester pressure testing to ensure a constant pressure in the first case, metal laser cutting machine the laser cutting machine to make the operation of the cutting head, the detection can be performed, can be detected, can be performed to identify fluctuations, laser cutting machine series of faults caused by the movement, this approach can effectively control problems due to CO2 laser cutting machines poor performance, failure.

Taking these circumstances, discovery, no matter which side of the issue can be resolved, a good grasp of the above can be effectively controlled CO2 laser cutting machine in the quality of processed products, whether it is processing, or processing of the results, are able to effectively control the possible for businesses to save materials, to create more value.

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