Suggestions when you buy an ATC wood carving machine

We are a direct manufacturer of cnc router machines; a lot of customers have some questions when choosing a cnc machine. CNC router machine are different, from functions, we have basic models, and multi-functional machines. From equipment, we have machines with vacuum table, someone with T-slot table; From machine working heads, someone with tool changer, and some machines with only one head. Here we would like to introduce our ATC wood carving machine specially.


ATC cnc machine equipment:

Heavy gantry, gantry movement

1300*2500mm/2000*3000mm (optional)

Italy HSD6.0KW air cooling spindle (optional)

Japan Yaskawa servo motor

8 zones vacuum table +T slot

5.5KW water vacuum pump (optional)

Taiwan TBI square orbit

Atomization cooling system

Helical rack gear, high precision ball screw

Taiwan Syntec control system (optional)

3.0KW dust collector

CNC router machine CE certificate


All the equipment can be chose according to customers needs, different equipment for different prices~

Applicable industries:

Furniture industry,wooden door industry, art and craft industry, stairs industry, wooden screen industry, shoe-cleaning machine industry and a lot of other industries.

Advantages of the auto tool changer machine: 

Work automatic, fast tool changes, professional ATC control system, do different jobs at one time without changing tools manually.

CE certificate for cnc router machine:


If you need more information and suggestions when you want to buy cnc router, pls contact us directly without any hesitation;you are warmly welcomed to our factory to get 7 days free training in our workshop, local after-service is also available to our technicians. This is a professional machine, and need professional worker to operate it, then it could make perfect works.


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