Stamp laser maker suitable

Laser engraving machine, laser irradiation methods

When the laser engraving machine laser parallel to laser rubber stamp making machine the substrate incident laser no significant effect on the substrate, the main effect is the gas to go inside the chemical reactions and plasma chemical reactions.

Growth of the film was carried into the substrate by diffusion of the reaction product by: composition of the film depends on the photochemical reaction product adhered to the substrate and the grown  film and the absorption. Irradiation suitable for parallel molecular pyrolysis gas-phase reaction mechanisms large area thin film deposition. LCVD film quality parallel radiation (such as film density and microstructure) by adjusting the deposition temperature control.

When the vertical substrate incident laser engraving machine laser, in addition to the reactive gas phase photochemical reactions also occur photochemical reaction surface adsorption layer. Since the concentration of reactive gas molecules adsorbed layer than the concentration of the gas molecules rubber stamp laser engraving machine within the reaction phase (different key combination) large molecules adsorbed layer leaving the spectral shift due to molecular collision cross-section increases and the substrate surface enhanced optical field, will make the adsorbed phase photochemical reaction catalysis, thus affecting the composition of the film.

In addition, laser engraving machine laser spot size can also affect the composition of the film. The reason is that the change in spot size will cause the respective reaction components in the reaction channel relative proportions change.

Laser rubber stamp making machinemainly used for stamp engraving. and adopt Newlydraw softtware, more human nature and more professional.Stamp laser size is small,low cost, more economical, very easy to learn and operate.
 Stamp laser maker suitable for both handle stamps engraving and rubber sheet stamp engraving. multi-functional.
Laser cutting machine laser beam used in micro

Laser cutting machine laser beam can be focused to a very small, so small parts microscopic adjustments are possible. And on the processing of these parts far beyond the reach of human. Laser engraving cutting machine parts processing lOum dimensions around can be achieved. This stamp laser making machine is a laser alignment and adjustment of industrial in microelectronics, micro-mechanical devices and micro-optics and optimize production conditions resigned to open new possibilities.

In order to change the bending angle of small parts made different proposals and has been implemented. Laser engraving machine calibration point heat relay mechanism is an example of an application. Laser cutting machine Non-contact spring with a certain position to form a closed loop. Under the action of the laser pulse, the contact spring continuously curved until it loses the connection with the fixed contact point. This moment can be measured by a simple resistor, the use of this method allows for fine position of the contact spring so that the completion of the relay function,

In the above-mentioned method rubber stamp making machine is extremely useful in many fields. In addition, the laser engraving technique can also be used for in-plane correction, for example, by adjusting the passage of the part or parts without changing their bending plane position. This idea is still in the basic research and development in the state.

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