Stamp laser maker suitable for both handle stamps engraving

interactions and laser material processing co2 laser and matter.In the study of the interaction of C02 and laser rubber stamp making machine laser material processing laser and substance, it was found that when the laser power of a few kilowatts to hundreds of kilowatt hours, LSC wave plasma is actually only about 50% of the maximum absorption of the incident laser energy. The reason for this difference is that:

When the plasma length / mm rise to a certain height when the plasma later, the plasma along the plasmon absorption due to the upward movement from the surface, and when, such as laser power density attenuation artifacts from the continued movement of the plasma, plasma the actual length will be reduced, which means that when the workpiece from the plasma, the plasma absorption of the laser will vary with the rising height of the plasma increases.

Laser rubber stamp making machinemainly used for stamp engraving. and adopt Newlydraw softtware, more human nature and more professional.Stamp laser size is small,low cost, more economical, very easy to learn and operate.
Stamp laser maker suitable for both handle stamps engraving rubber stamp making machine and rubber sheet stamp engraving. multi-functional.

Photoluminescence frontier electron density of plasma ‘of high temperature, the strong absorption of the laser light, while most of the other plasma region of the small electron density, low temperature, low rate of the laser to attract and therefore increases the length of the plasma, the average linear absorption coefficient will be reduced.

Laser engraving technology shaping significance

Laser engraving forming technology emerged in the mid-1980s, due to its advanced manufacturing potential, since it appears to be rapid development. In North America, Asia and Europe, there have been 7000 laser cutting machine rapid prototyping equipment put into use only in the number of 2000 model year production, prototypes and molds amounted to three one million, has been raised from pure manufacturing to model industrial applications, has taken a solid step forward.

Laser engraving forming technology is a branch of Rapid Prototyping Manufacturing Technology (rapid prototyping, RP), which is based on the characteristics of laser as a heat source. Rapid prototyping technology (RP) refers to the superposition of three-dimensional models and volume element method models or parts manufacturing process,stamp laser making machine  is also defined as the addition techniques.

Rapid prototyping technology engraving (RP) is a rapid tooling production (rapid tooling, RT) and rapid series production (rap-id manufacturing, RM) upper concept. Laser engraving technology on the one hand rapid tooling production (RT) and rapid series production (RM) is derived from the rapid prototyping technology (RP) out is the different stages of production. On the other hand rapid prototyping technology (RP) is a rapid production in general.

To facilitate the above concepts to distinguish between the concept was first introduced here several models, the concept model is Germany CNC Foundation (NCG) based on the characteristics of rapid prototyping technology, summed German industrial designer Association (VDID) made in the production process in manufacturing and product maturity of key concepts related to defined production (RM) research and development stage belongs.

Conceptual model role: the proportion and basic visual appearance of the model, which serves display and data check

Geometry effect: for the operation, use and application of the model as well as checking to rubber stamp laser engraving machine make precise shape model include the.

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