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Laser engraving machine installation process.1, the laser cutting machine lift to the specified location, as close as possible to the back of the machine has the plug side, ripped the wrapping film, and then open the case cover set machine.

2, the fan is: we took out the fan, and walked to the back of the machine, pull grey light air machine under the pipe, will air hose buckle on the fan, and use a screwdriver to lock, lock will be inserted in the fan plug into the laser cutting machine body can be.

3, pump: rubber stamp making machine will white tracheal inserted in the air pump (Note: to put tight little, lest time start working tracheas were gas vibration pump off), then pump plug inserted in the laser cutting machine body can be.

4, put cold water machine: take two white water proportioning box, one end of the two water pipes are respectively inserted in the water inlet and the water outlet end of the water cooling machine, and the other end of the pipe is inserted in the laser cutting machine above the corresponding inlet and outlet position. The water inlet of water inlet outlet that is, of the outlet, and then the power of cold water machine line inserted plate cutting machine body in laser..

5, the CO2 laser tube: the rear lid open first behind the machine, and then removed from the box CO2 laser tube, (Note: when taking the laser tube must pay attention to gently, stamp laser making machine so as not to break), time of laser tube, will have the outlet opposite to the first surface mirror end copper head. Distance from the first reflector 5-10cm position, then the white water short connected to the water outlet copper head on one end of the water pipe is connected with a long, white on the left side of the glass on the water inlet.

Then the high voltage line thick and the other a large high voltage line to pick up, and wrapped with insulating glue, a fine negative line and the other a fine negative line to pick up, with the same insulating rubber wrapped, on the back cover, and locked.

6, electricity: two black power line dispensing box inside, Jack is inserted in the laser rubber stamp making machine laser cutting machine fuselage behind the left, the other end is inserted before the quasi good inserting plate, the inserting plate energized.

Rubber stamp laser engraving machineis widely used in rubber stamps industry. This machine with clamp work table, advanced MOSHI software, this stamp laser engraver with very low price.

Our machine with USB port, is easy to operate.

7, boot: go to the laser cutting machine on the right side, opened the first boat shaped switch (i.e. motherboard control switch), the machine enters the reset state; opened second switches (i.e. laser power switch); open the third switches (i.e., pump, blower switch). If double head laser cutting machine, just a switch is the motherboard control switch, the two switch is a switch for laser power, laser power supply switch three switch is two, four is the fan, the air pump switch.

Laser engraving machine can not connect computer

Laser engraving machine is through the data line and connected to the computer, if the computer in data transmission, no reaction or communication timeout phenomenon. There are probably several reasons:
1 electrostatic interference caused by Yiming, laser engraving machine is equipped with a ground wire binding post. One end of the line connection here, end is connected with the reinforced thicker, then reinforced hit relatively wet some live set, the reinforcement length of at least 1 meters, if your location is floor area, such as inconvenient connection wire, ground wire end can be connected to the metal radiator, it can also eliminate electrostatic machine belt.

2 computer poisoning, or USB port failure. Can change computer try rubber stamp laser engraving machine to gradually eliminate the problem.

Fault 3.USB data lines, a customer not long ago, how can not be connected, technology to see the last  one found the mice will laser engraving machine data line to nibbling bad. To change a can, the best data line external extension line, line is too long prone to data loss, relative also not on the connection.

4. If the above three points are not a problem, check the laser engraving machine control data line card interface is damaged, if so, to return to the company repair. If there is urgent work process, available U disk to transmit. Laser engraving machine is also a requirement for U disc. A before first use the recommended U disk format.

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