so the operation wood CNC router machine must have a professional learning

Procedure wood engraving machine.We will certainly appear in the course of using the engraving machine such as a lot of problems, so the operation wood wood CNC router machine engraving machine must have a professional learning, in order to better and more accurate to operate:

1, theory: operator training must be in the case of theoretical examination be carried out by the operation, otherwise the operator should continue to learn;

2, the use of the tool: After theoretical training must be carried out by the training tool;

3, familiar with the material application: the operator must be familiar with the application of a variety of materials, familiar with different materials, different thicknesses and different finished size, etc., and you want to know  what kind of material the use of knives and carving what way;
4, to be familiar with the operation of a variety of software: the ability to use the software for a variety of layout and operation, can quickly identify errors and modifications.

wood cnc router machine screw protection
wood cnc router machine and linear guide is different, ball screw the working process is prone to relatively large noise. Because of the heat generated in the process of making the ball screw friction heating, making the friction coefficient becomes larger, which will gradually produce noise, and the longer the greater the noise.

To solve these problems, the first ball screw design should start to take measures against the problems. On the other hand, CNC router machine from the process resolved through a reasonable process, improve the quality of the product.

Select the appropriate tightening torque of ball screw, ball screw to reduce the amount of variation of preload torque, making for high-speed ball screw drive requirements.

Wood engraving machine stepper motor drive failure responses
Our wood carving cnc router machine is mainly used to make wood works, wood router machine can do both cutting and 3D engraving works which are widely used for wood door, furniture, kitchen ware, windows, wood cabinet etc.

Symptoms are: Once activated, drive an external fuse that burned, the device can not run. Maintenance personnel inspection, found a power tube is damaged, but the absence of information, figure out the role of the tube, that is power-driven front push, put a power management, the power, the insurance burned again, for also damage the tube.

By professional maintenance personnel check, the initial analysis is correct, that insurance has repeatedly blown, the drive there is certainly a large current is not normal, and check out a power tube damage. But there is no clear role for the tube.

The tube is actually stepping motor power drive tube, stepper motor for high-voltage start, they would have to bear the high voltage and high current. Static checking and found wood carving cnc router machine  the ring pulse distributor circuit, the power to the ground terminal of the resistance is small, but there is no short circuit.

According to the number of lines in the power components and power analysis of the resistance to ground terminal should not be so small that it was suspected that the line has been damaged components.

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