Small laser cutting machine used in cutting properties of non-metallic materials

According to different cutting material, the laser cutting machine is divided into metal laser cutting machine and laser cutting machine, not of metal. Small laser cutting machine, as a popular equipment, command a ready sale in the market, but it can only for cutting nonmetal materials.
Small laser cutting machine with laser technology and computer technology to processing production, belongs to the automation equipment, which can realize unmanned operation. Small laser cutting machine used in cutting non-metallic materials, is unmatched by traditional methods, high precision and high efficiency cutting edge, is the key to get customers love it.
1, small processing, laser cutting machine adopts laser to its narrow kerf width, not deformation. Laser machining is non-contact, no stress, avoid the parts in the process of machining deformation, change its physical properties.
2, laser cutting is using high energy laser beam, high temperature on the workpiece, thus achieve the goal of cutting. Calculated machine operating system, can be good control of laser cutting too much, so as not to cause a waste of materials, increase the cost of production.


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