Simple programming multi-axis laser cutting machine automatically complex laser light path

Simple programming multi-axis laser cutting machine automatically complex laser light path

In a global manufacturing organization, multi-axis laser cutting machine applications are becoming increasingly common. These long been used in aerospace and automotive engineering of complex multi-function machines are becoming sophisticated with many small contracts workshops standard equipment.
This application of high productivity equipment can be divided into two different areas: for example, pressure applied in drawing a 3D component or cutting holes in turbine components or laser drilling machine, as well as those specially designed for use tube or non-tube machine parts, non-linear pipelines and other parts of preformed pipe – cutting piping components. Many models also have a secondary rotary axis accessory, capable of rotational movement during machining parts needed for processing.
Recent technological developments machine requires two procedures can be completely converted, using the 3D axis cutting insert as needed “pipeline mode” cutting operation, the micro-component manufacturing applications, such as those applied in the manufacture of medical devices are used area small size machine.

Fast-moving equipment

As the “degree of freedom”, the possibility of damage, collision and costly laser light path accuracy requirements, the hardware needs to be a lot of programming and control.

In recent years, CAM software, these technologies have made rapid progress. For example, Camtek’s PEPS SolidCut package is to reduce the burden of many programmers and production managers around the world, significantly improving productivity, saving a lot of time. This solution consists of 3D / three – five-axis programs and three – six-axis machining application of two modules pipeline.

Several examples of the successful application of a global multi-axis program illustrates the benefits of the companies acquired.

UK Essex (Essex) county Basildon (Basildon) in Ilford Engineering Company is a supplier of automotive industry precision parts, such as Lotus and McLaren because the company needs more complex parts, the company installed a Prima Rapido five-axis laser cutting machine. The company had previously such work will be subcontracted. By function and price reasons, the company selected laser software CAD / CAM system PEPS SolidCut. The software has many benefits, one of which is to improve analog functions. Chief programmer Rob Blackwell noted that this feature ahead of his software testing elsewhere, he pointed out, this version can even display applications feeding pipes. Using PEPS SolidCut program Rapido laser cutting machine, greatly increasing the internal Ilford company can manufacture parts type (Figure 1).

In the other side of the world in Melbourne, Australia, was established 15 years and has 40 employees Laser 3D laser machining center foundry company, running 13 laser cutting system consists Cincinnati Laser Lab (8) and TRUMPF (4) provides. The company supplies metal parts and molded plastic parts, primarily supplying the automotive industry customers, such as Ford, Toyota and General Motors Holden (Figure 2). Workpiece in two workshops in production, enabling the company to offer a wide range of laser cutting and welding services. In order to meet the increasing requirements for metal cutting, Laser 3D laser cutting machine company expanded, so the company must deal with programming issues more efficiently.

Brian Finn, general manager, said: “We are looking for possible ways to improve our response time of five-axis cutting equipment and precision.” For example, the initial programming on LaserLab system is through teaching methods, fixtures production is slow, the program is not very accurate, and therefore a waste of processing time. The company purchased the PEPS SolidCut laser software for LaserLab and TRUMPF machine tools, in addition to access to other benefits, but also saves a lot of time to design and manufacture jigs (up 80 percent), setting time than manual teaching methods to shorten by 50% Accuracy has been improved.

Laser 3D company plans to expand its existing plant. Finn said: “Our TRUMPF laser unit, three LaserLab Pentacon axis machine tools and other equipment, along with PEPS SolidCut laser software, enabling us to meet the demanding delivery deadlines is a direct result of cutting the use of design data, virtually eliminated. human error factor, so we are able to produce more accurate finished product.

In Europe, Ferral Systems BV (Netherlands-based Monster) has been established for six years, has 27 employees and is a major producer of steel and aluminum components for the greenhouse industry. Two years ago, it was the world’s longest purchased a laser pipe cutting machine from Balliu. The LTC 13000 pipe cutting machine capable of cutting 13 m long pipeline; Because these pipes are in the 13 m long truck transport, so it is very important (Figure 3). Camtek close cooperation with Balliu, as PEPS SolidCut laser pipe cutting system to provide support.

Commenting on the advantages of using PEPS, the master programmer Guido Hofstede said: “The variety of features, such as the diagonal cut, so that we can cut straight pipes, and still a board cutting angle decentralization.” Many members of the company’s needs The various parts are welded together, so the design of new products using SolidCut Laser, so that each member can be screwed into place with embedding, therefore, the components and the package is easier to transport to the customer, less damage, and the customer can be more easily assembled each part. Moreover, in terms of the laser increases the production time is only 4-5 minutes, compared with 20 minutes for hand soldering. Hofstede said: “Customers like the concept of non-welded, some customers invest even buy special tools to adapt to our new design to make it work faster.”

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