Several factors affecting the quality of laser cutting machine

1, the thickness of the material
Laser engraving machine is suitable for cutting thin plate, the 12 mm carbon steel and stainless steel under 6 mm below the cutting effect is obvious, the best quality, but also can ensure the efficiency. For example, in the thickness of the material < 1 mm, material incision is very smooth.
2, assist gas pressure and species
The higher the pressure, the higher the purity of the gas, the dregs of the adhesive material is less, the smooth cut. Different type of gas, and the effect of different cutting speed. Generally speaking, oxygen cutting speed was the fastest, nitrogen gas cutting effect is best, air cutting cost minimum.
3, laser output power and mode
The higher the output power of the laser, the quality of the cutting on the same thickness of the plate cutting, the better the results. Laser cutting pattern and the higher the fit of the material, the better cutting quality.
4, the focus position
Very simple reason, the focus of the laser cutting of good, cutting precision and accuracy can meet the requirements.
5, the surface roughness
Generally speaking, the material surface is smooth, the better cutting quality.
6, cutting speed
No matter what kind of materials, laser engraving machine cutting if you can make the cutting speed and material to attain the best alignment, so the cutting effect is the best at this time, too fast and too slow will affect the effect of laser cutting.

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