Sc: fiber laser cutting machine industry development in our country

Optical fiber laser cutting machine is in laser cutting equipment to follow after the rise in the domestic market, the end of last century, in laser technology and laser cutting machine
Control technology effectively, quickly accepted by the domestic market.Market quickly amplified caused by laser cutting equipment “rookie” – the light
Fiber laser cutting machine business acumen, follow up to enter the market quickly.And with the domestic economy high speed development, the optical fiber laser cutting machine
More advantages, to meet the demand of the domestic part of sheet metal processing market, a sweeping development momentum.
Now, the domestic large and small optical fiber laser cutting machine manufacturer has hundreds of much, and each manufacturer production products each
Characteristic, and is famous for its power, such as shenzhen tide;Maiman or win on price, such as wuhan.In the face of blossoming laser cutting machine
Manufacturer, many manufacturers concerned, more and more entrepreneurs will be money to laser cutting machine industry, certainly will influence the development of the industry
Worrying, especially in product quality and quantity, once a product supply, prices will fall, as the pressure of survival will drag on
Some enterprises, these enterprises in order to survive, will think of some way to reduce the manufacturing cost, reduce the quality of the products.Their concerns
Not without reason.However, from the macro, yet there is no such big threat, because the country’s hair for laser cutting machine industry
Exhibition provides many favorable conditions:
One, the state shall pay attention to the laser cutting machine industry, government departments at all levels are actively focus, planning, project, various funds are note
Into the.Especially countries emphasize the project by the colleges and universities, scientific research department to enterprise as it is to promote the independent innovation, enterprise product technology
The upgrade.
Two, all kinds of domestic manufacturing industry accepted the laser processing technology, it can make they increase the technological content of products, to speed up the update of the product, using it can reach the level of “agile manufacturing”, meet the market demand for “personalized” products.
Three, the domestic has formed the industry group slowly swallow the laser components supporting enterprises, manufacturing all kinds of specific characteristics of laser processing system
Traders have been setting up, the domestic has formed four laser processing equipment manufacturing industry area, they are mainly distributed in central China, the pearl river delta, the Yangtze river three
The Angle of state and the Beijing and tianjin bohai sea economic developed areas.
Four, internationally renowned laser processing manufacturers have invested in China, some with domestic joint venture production, the general trend is enter
, form the international competition domestic zed.
Five, the domestic gradually pass, in the main laser application to enter the market.Such as high-power axial flow CO2 laser, the small and medium-sized power metal
Cavity rf CO2 laser, semiconductor pump PuQuan solid-state laser, fiber laser, and the frequency doubling DPL, high-power diode module, etc., are gaining
Momentum, into the early stage of the transition, into the market.Explore the new applications for optical fiber laser cutting machine industry’s appreciation.

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