Saw blades industry demand for laser cutting equipment

Recently, an authoritative research institutions 38 of domestic famous enterprises saw blades were investigated, found that for large and medium-sized enterprises accounted for 20% of saw blade matrix, and plans for the future enterprises accounted for 6% of saw blade matrix, and the remaining 74% of corporate matrix completely rely on outsourcing, and recent without the base plan.In all companies do saw blades matrix, almost 71% of companies have laser cutting machine, plans for the future matrix of enterprise is also considering the purchase of laser cutting machine.
In the investigation of several manufacturing large and medium-sized saw blades matrix in 50% of the companies are in a state of laser cutting equipment to acquire.It is easy to find from the above data, according to the saw blade industry current development speed, every 2 years for large and medium-sized saw blades matrix enterprises will buy a laser cutting equipment.At present, the investigation of all enterprises purchase foreign equipment is less, the main procurement of domestic fiber laser cutting machine and CNC laser cutting machine.

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