Rubber stamp laser engraving machine is widely used in rubber stamps industry

Currently, the accepted principle of laser processing are two: namely laser thermal processing and photochemical machining (also known as cold).

Laser thermal processing means when the laser rubber stamp making machine is irradiated to the object surface, causing rapid heating, the change in the thermal characteristics of the object or the evaporation of the melted material. Heat processing has a high energy density of the laser beam (which is focused energy flow), to be irradiated on the surface of the material processed, the surface absorb the laser energy, the heat generated in the irradiation area of the excitation process, so that the surface of the material (or coating ) temperature rise, resulting in metamorphosis, melt, ablation, evaporation phenomena.

Photochemical processing means that when a laser beam is applied to the object, high-density energy photon trigger or control the process of photochemical reactions. Cold working with a high load of energy (UV) photons, can be interrupted by the material (especially organic material) within the surrounding medium, or a bond to a non-thermal process the material destruction occurs. This has special significance in cold rubber stamp laser engraving machine processing, thermal ablation because it is not, but does not have a “thermal damage” side effects, cold peel chemical bonds break, and thus the inner layer and the nearby areas are not processed surface generate heat or thermal deformation effects. For example, an excimer laser is used in the electronics industry of chemical substances is deposited on the base material film, on a semiconductor substrate out of a narrow slot.

Rubber stamp laser engraving machine is widely used in rubber stamps industry. This machine with clamp work table, advanced MOSHI software, this stamp laser engraver with very low price.
Our machine with USB port, is easy to operate.
Clamp work table is the special design for stamps making.

Applicable industry:
Rubber stamp laser engraving machinewith co2 40W laser tube, this machine is very small, take less place, convenient to connect to the computer. This rubber stamp making machine is widely usd in stamp industry.
1. 200*300mm working size
2. 40W laser tube
3. Clamp work table
4. Advanced Moshi software
5. Easy to sent by air
1. 200*300mm working size
2. 40W laser tube
3. Clamp work table
4. Advanced Moshi software
5. Easy to sent by air

1. Engraves stamps
2. 2 to 5 minutes completion time for a normal stamp engraving
3. Ensures very easy tool change with automatic cutter length sensor
4. Ensures very easy  with automatic plate thickness sensor
5. Requires very small space to install with small foot print
6. Comes with very easy to use stamp designing software
7. Most cost effective machine for rubber stamp making
8. Cheapest way of making rubber stamps

We are offering a most cost-effective solution for high-quality rubber stamp making.
It engraves stamp fast with a powerful 12,000 or 18,000 RPM DC motor ensuring fast on-the-spot service.
These stamp laser making machine don’t produce any toxic smoke containing dioxins which are extremely harmful to the human body.
It require just a small space to install, so it’s also good for small shop. Its automatic tool length sensor and automatic plate thickness sensor dramatically simplifies the machine use making it possible for anybody to use the machine with just very basic instructions.

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