Routine maintenance work wood cnc router machine is very important

CNC wood cnc router machine can be used in the furniture industry, furniture industry, woodworking decoration, musical instruments industry, wooden wood CNC router machine handicrafts industry, furniture industry, this machine is suitable for large area flat plate engraving, wood furniture, sculpture, mural art of wood carving, wood carving, engraving MDF Paint the door, show window door carving, furniture decoration industry replacement.

Specific applications can be classified as follows:

A, Wood Industrial: countertops such as sewing machines, electrical cabinet panels, sporting goods equipment.

B, mold industry: carving a variety of mold, wood molding, wood model aviation, propeller, car foam mold.

C, the musical instrument industry: three-dimensional surface can be carved musical instruments, shape cutting.

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How do routine maintenance work wood cnc router machine
Routine maintenance work wood cnc router machine is very important. In order to ensure the health and safety at work running wood cnc router machine, usually our maintenance, to do the following:

First, the control box to be placed in a well ventilated place, can not be placed in the high temperature zone work.

Second, the machine must be placed in a dry ventilated place (to prevent exposure).

Third, the machine must configure a reliable regulator, ensure ground safety ground.

Fourth, do not try to access the computer output file to CNC router machine the cnc router machine.

Fifth, the machine must be serviced once every other month (plus the amount of the screw lubricant.

Sixth, to maintain good lubrication, periodic inspection, cleaning screw, add or replace the grease oil, so that all moving parts screw, nuts, etc. and always maintain good lubrication to reduce mechanical wear rate.

Seventh, do not let the machine often times the same corner of the work (to prevent screw, rail often times not in contact with the beam and can not reasonably lubrication) wood carving cnc router machine in the cnc router machine countertops.

Eighth, in a certain time to check whether there is loose line cnc router machine.

Ninth, do not place debris in the cnc router machine table or head (with magnetic, super weight items, liquid).

Do more than routine maintenance and repair work, CNC wood cnc router machine can be more efficient normal operation, improve equipment efficiency, and can effectively extend the service life of the cnc router machine.

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