Renovation of CNC machine tool technology(two)

Renovation of CNC machine tool technology(two)

Continues the article on the basic conditions for us again for maintenance work:

CNC machine tool is worth hundreds of thousands of dollars to tens of millions of yuan, usually is the enterprise key equipment, key product key process a denier downtime, the impact and losses are often large. But, the people of this equipment is more often on its effectiveness, and not only did not attach enough importance to rational use, more attention to the maintenance and repair work is too little, everyday do not pay attention to the creation of conditions for maintenance and repair work and investment, failure occurs cramming phenomenon is very common. Therefore, in order to give full play to the benefit of the CNC machine tools, we must attach importance to the maintenance work, create a good maintenance condition. As nc machine tools daily more for electrical failure, so the electrical maintenance is more important.

1. The personnel condition

The rapidity of CNC machine tool maintenance, high quality key depends on the quality condition of electrical maintenance personnel.

(1) the first is a high degree of responsibility and good professional ethics.

(2) knowledge to widely. To learn and master basic interdisciplinary knowledge about CNC machine electrical control, such as computer technology, analog and digital circuit technology, automatic control and drag theory, control technology, processing technology and mechanical transmission technology, of course also include a section on the knowledge of basic numerical control.

(3) should be a good technical training. Study the basic theories of numerical control technology, especially for specific CNC machine technical training, the first is to participate in related training and practical training machine installation site, and then learn from the experienced maintenance personnel, and more important and longer is self-taught.

(4) to practice. To engaged in CNC machine maintenance and operation of the work, in the constant practice ability and improve the analysis.

(5) to master the scientific method. To make repair work enthusiasm is not enough, must also be in the long-term study and practice summary, to extract from scientific method to analyze and solve problems.

(6) learn and master all kinds of commonly used in electrical maintenance of instruments and tools.

(7) master a foreign language, especially English. At least should be able to read technical data.

2. The material conditions

(1) general and a ready digit-controlled lathe dedicated electrical spare parts.

(2) the necessary permanent electrical components should be fast smooth procurement channels.

(3) the necessary maintenance tools, instruments and meters, etc., best equipped with a laptop and is equipped with the necessary software maintenance.

(4) each CNC machine tool is equipped with a complete technical drawings and data.

(5) the numerical control machine tool use and maintenance of technical archives.


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