Renovation of CNC machine tool technology(one)

Renovation of CNC machine tool technology(one)

China is engaged in the numerical control machine tool electrical design, application and maintenance technology of engineering and technical personnel tens of thousands, but due to the complexity, diversity and dynamics of the technology and the restriction of some objective environmental factors, in CNC machine tool maintenance technology has not yet formed a mature and complete theoretical system. Modern control theory, with the rapid development of automation technology, especially the advances in microelectronics and computer technology, makes the rapid development, so is the numerical control technology, numerical control system on the PC, open and performance of the structure form of the diversification and complication, high intelligence is not only for its application has brought about great changes, from concept to practice in its maintenance theory, technology and means a lot of changes.

First, CNC technology

1. CNC machine electrical control system review:

(1) data input device will instruction information and various application data input devices necessary for numerical control system. It can be perforated tape reader (has rarely used), 3.5 in floppy disk drive, CNC keyboard (general input operation), the numerical control system is equipped with hard disk and drive device (for a large amount of data storage protection), tape machine (use fewer), PC computer, and so on.

(2) the numerical control system of nc machine tool center, it will receive all the instruction decode functions, operations, and then send out the various needs of sports instruction in an orderly fashion and all kinds of machine tools function control instruction, until the end of movement and function. Numerical control system has perfect ability of self diagnosis, more attention should be paid to in daily use strictly in accordance with the provisions, operation, and daily maintenance is mainly used for hardware environment protect and prevent the destruction of the system software.

(3) programmable logic controller is the machine functions of logic control center.

(4) the spindle drive system by driving instruction from CNC, the speed and torque (power) to adjust the output driving signal to drive the main motor rotation, accept the speed feedback speed closed-loop control.

2. Of the electrical control system of CNC machine tool motion coordinates

(1) current loop is the circuit for servo motor torque. Normally its match with motor adjustment has been designated by the maker ready or the corresponding matching parameters, the feedback signal in the servo system is also connection is complete, so there is no need to wiring and adjustment.

(2) the speed loop is to control the motor speed or axis speed of the circuit.

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